The Goodbye Blanket – A Poem

From my departing train

My sad thoughts wanted rain

Already missing you

Despite knowing what we must do

But your love wanted one last word

You sent out a request some thought absurd

To light these lanterns and let them float

A blanket of wishes, an antidote

For the disease of despair, the loss of hope

To counter regret that we didn’t elope

I picture you standing on your balcony

Alone with your power, your only company

But regret and despair are the feelings you hold

You wouldn’t be wishing if you were only bold

Enough to reject the title you’re given

But I understand the way you are driven

And respect your choice of responsibility

I’m only sad that it didn’t include me.

This blanket of lights, a beautiful view

As I sit on the train and bid you adieu.

This poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #170 – Blanket and for Hélène’s “What do you see?” Photo writing prompt. The picture above is courtesy of Hélène.

I love when two inspirations come together! Hélène photo has so many rich details but the ones that captured my eye were the leaving train (on the bridge on the right) and the man standing on the balcony (on the left). Coupled with Patrick’s words of “a paradox so comforting”, the idea of a blanket of lanterns and what that might comfort popped into my head. And thus the story of this poem came to be.

©️ iido 2019


Rapid Social Commentary – A Poem

Rapid vapid

Too fast for nothing

Falsie selfie

Not true for/that’s me

Connected dejected

Screen time cutting life

Me-first cloud-burst

Rain on your parade

Hot mess distress

Help get out of the Arctic

Stop this selfish


This prompt responds to Patrick’s Pic and. Word Challenge #169 – Rapid. Patrick’s poem and photo inspired this quick little piece that started in my head with the rhyme “rapid vapid” and developed into some phrases and thoughts about the current state of society. To me, this poem sounds frenzied and choppy (although with a definite beat) – similar to how I feel about our country (the USA) right now. Even the writing (and posting) of this piece was frenzied and chopped (I had to quickly post to meet the deadline without my usual comments included). However, it all turned out ok. I’m hoping it’s that way in real life as well.

©️ iido 2019

Bridge – A Tanka

You reach out to me

Beckoning across water

Pleading with your eyes

To bridge the gap of anger

But fog hides the other side

This prompt was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #167 – Bridges.

This picture is from a trail I ran about two years ago with one of my good running friends, Nada. It was a new trail that she wanted to check out so we decided to be adventurous on one of our long runs.

The trail was somewhat remote and followed the Susquehanna River. It meandered through corn fields then lush trees. At one point, train tracks followed parallel to the path. The trail abruptly ended at a hunting camp in a small town (that explained the gun fire we also heard along the path). We ran a few miles in the quiet town then headed back.

The bridge was a surprise when we came out of the corn fields and rounded a corner. The path was right against the river and went under the bridge. It was a beautiful sight, emerging from the mist!

I love runs like this! Good company makes the miles fly by! Connecting with people – bridging gaps – is one of the wonderful things about running. You really get to know someone after 15+ miles running along side them.

Maybe next time I’m having an argument with someone, I’ll invite them for a run….

©️ iido 2019

After – A Quadrille

After the pebble has surfaced skipped

And the ripples have waved goodbye

After the bell has chimed

And it’s somber note has reached the sky

After the warmth from your arms

Has faded with a sigh

I wait

Eyes closed

Breath held



It’s been a while since I’ve written a Quadrille (my wordiness always gets in the way!). This one was written for Patrick Jennings’ Pic and A Word Challenge #167 – Stillness.

It’s been a busy travel filled holiday so those moments of stillness have been few and far between. As 2019 fast approaches, I am thinking of changes, improvements to work on in the new year. I know this blog has evolved and it’s become less about running and more poetry based. Maybe it’s because I have been doing more writing than running these days, but that’s going to change in 2019 too! Thoughts? Please let me know in the comments.

©️ iido 2018

Nativity with Textures – A Cascade Poem

Scratchy hay tickles your toes

My blue woolen mantle, your warm protection for now

The texture of your life doesn’t yet know the sting of the whip or the rough hewn cross.

Rough wood cradles your newborn form

Gossamer starshine sprinkles your face

Scratchy hay tickles your toes

The slippery lowing of cattle slides in your ear

Your soft essence belies your strength

My blue woolen mantle, your warm protection for now

Your velvet touch sets my heart ablaze

Yet my goose bumped flesh shivers sadness within that love

The texture of your life doesn’t yet know the sting of the whip or the rough hewn cross.

This cascade poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #166 – Texture. I used the lyrics from the Christmas song, “Away in a Manger” to compose this cascade poem. It’s one of my favorite songs for this season.

Wishing all those who celebrate a Merry Christmas!

©️ iido 2018

Heightened – A Quadrille

My heart’s speed metal rhythm

Stutters stop at the tower top

My brow wrinkles, directing the sweat

Older doesn’t mean wiser

I take the leap that baby birds take without fear

But I am not a baby bird

Then I am.

This is my response to Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #164 – Heights. Yes, that’s me doing a zip line. It’s probably one of the more gutsy things I’ve done as an adult. I was chaperoning my daughter’s field trip and all the kids had done the zip line and they said the grownups can do it so…I took the plunge (literally!). It isn’t bungee jumping or sky diving but for a risk averse mama, this was a big deal! And it was fun! You only reach the high, if you’re willing to climb the mountain (or tower)!

Handmade – A Haiku

Woven with new thread

Your handmade designer life

Preciously all yours

This haiku is in response to Patrick’s Pic and a Word Weekly Challenge #163 – Handmade. It is dedicated to my lovely niece who is expecting her first child any day now. The blanket is one I made for her new baby and the baby dolls belong to my daughter who wanted to make sure the people knew it was a baby blanket.

©️ iido 2018