The Goodbye Blanket – A Poem

From my departing train

My sad thoughts wanted rain

Already missing you

Despite knowing what we must do

But your love wanted one last word

You sent out a request some thought absurd

To light these lanterns and let them float

A blanket of wishes, an antidote

For the disease of despair, the loss of hope

To counter regret that we didn’t elope

I picture you standing on your balcony

Alone with your power, your only company

But regret and despair are the feelings you hold

You wouldn’t be wishing if you were only bold

Enough to reject the title you’re given

But I understand the way you are driven

And respect your choice of responsibility

I’m only sad that it didn’t include me.

This blanket of lights, a beautiful view

As I sit on the train and bid you adieu.

This poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #170 – Blanket and for Hélène’s “What do you see?” Photo writing prompt. The picture above is courtesy of Hélène.

I love when two inspirations come together! Hélène photo has so many rich details but the ones that captured my eye were the leaving train (on the bridge on the right) and the man standing on the balcony (on the left). Coupled with Patrick’s words of “a paradox so comforting”, the idea of a blanket of lanterns and what that might comfort popped into my head. And thus the story of this poem came to be.

©️ iido 2019


Change Scale – A Quadrille and Running Update

I stare at you

And wiggle my toes

Willing you to change

With my mind

While my body remains

On the Couch

Softly spreading

Creaking with complaints

I finally get up to walk

To the fridge

for a cold beverage.

Change is thirsty work.

De Jackson hosts the 2019’s first Quadrille Monday at dVerse (#71) with the theme: Change. Another apropos theme for the start of the year. Thank you De Jackson!

As with a lot of people, I posted last week my health goals for the year. So despite the 30 degree weather, I went for a short run by myself while my kids were at their horse riding lessons. It was so cold that my breath never warmed up enough for me to see it, but I did feel pretty bada$$ running in the cold. Like I was a real runner and nothing was going to stop me from a run.

Of course, I am a “real runner” but my recent spate of not prioritizing running has made me feel somewhat of an imposter. I mean, isn’t family supposed to come before running? And what about my passion of writing? What I’m really striving for is balance! Not the sometimes elusive scale balance (holding an ice cream cone in each hand does not a balanced scale make!) but the even more rare, life balance. Where, oh where, is that life balance? Maybe it’s hiding under the running shoes….

©️ iido 2019

Rapid Social Commentary – A Poem

Rapid vapid

Too fast for nothing

Falsie selfie

Not true for/that’s me

Connected dejected

Screen time cutting life

Me-first cloud-burst

Rain on your parade

Hot mess distress

Help get out of the Arctic

Stop this selfish


This prompt responds to Patrick’s Pic and. Word Challenge #169 – Rapid. Patrick’s poem and photo inspired this quick little piece that started in my head with the rhyme “rapid vapid” and developed into some phrases and thoughts about the current state of society. To me, this poem sounds frenzied and choppy (although with a definite beat) – similar to how I feel about our country (the USA) right now. Even the writing (and posting) of this piece was frenzied and chopped (I had to quickly post to meet the deadline without my usual comments included). However, it all turned out ok. I’m hoping it’s that way in real life as well.

©️ iido 2019

Down Deep – An Earth Flow Poem

The deep swallows me whole

Always so hungry

Always so empty

Fathoms inside me

This poem is for Rylan Shelly’s First Ever Doing Being Writing Prompt (photo courtesy of Rylan). He posted it last Friday – of course, I’m late – but I’m sure you can still join in the fun if the photo calls you!

Rylan introduced three new poetry forms (at least new to me). He writes: For the poets in the room, you may take on additional challenges if you so wish:

  1. Earth Cadence – Use the rhyme scheme ABBB for your verse(s).
  2. Earth Rhythm – Use a syllable pattern of 555 for your verse(s).
  3. Earth Flow – Use a rhyme scheme of ABBB with a syllable pattern of 6555 for your verse(s).

I am always up for a challenge and the deep thoughts this photo inspired, fit with the Earth Flow form. Quite a neat little form, actually!

©️ iido 2019

Moon Eyes – A Poem

I’ve only seen the new dawn

With sleepless eyes

That close as the new day begins.

What new dreams can occur

When the sun shines so bright?

Dreams are meant to be covered in moonbeams

Maybe new eyes will see the wisdom of letting Artemis hunt alone.

(Full disclosure – the picture above is not a new dawn but a sunset!)

I know it’s Friday, but this poem is for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt. Beth and Devereaux requested: Use any or all of the following phrases in any kind of writing—new dawn/ new day/ new dreams.

This piece was born of the many sleepless nights I have recently been having, for no good reason besides not being able to sleep. Maybe my mind is hungry for something …whatever the reason, I should add getting to sleep at a decent time on my goal list!

January – A Haibun

January sighs with dreary days covered with wet grey skies. It’s an in between time – the rush of people, things and holiday tradition has passed but the sweet smell and green tints of spring are still a long way away. January helps us practice the hopeful anticipation that seeds have mastered.

January whispers so you can for hide and sleep without guilt, hibernating like wise bears not scampering about like silly squirrels. The search should be for food for your mind and soul, and can be found through sleepy reflections and cozy inquiries.

January skies

Waiting to uncover spring

Reflect sleepy thoughts

This Haibun was written for dVerse 1st Haibun Monday of 2019 – theme: January.

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday but I’ve realized I am not fast poetry thinker or writer. It takes me a while to formulate my thoughts and craft my words. But once that’s done, the poem springs from my head triumphantly like Athena from Zeus’.

January always seems like a hard month. There is the let down (whether is release or relief) from the holiday hype of December and New Year’s Day but it’s still too far away from March and the warm of spring. It also doesn’t have a claim to fame like February which is a short month full of hearts and candy love. Hopefully, reading all these haibuns about January will give new perspective on this month.

©️ iido 2019

Bridge – A Tanka

You reach out to me

Beckoning across water

Pleading with your eyes

To bridge the gap of anger

But fog hides the other side

This prompt was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #167 – Bridges.

This picture is from a trail I ran about two years ago with one of my good running friends, Nada. It was a new trail that she wanted to check out so we decided to be adventurous on one of our long runs.

The trail was somewhat remote and followed the Susquehanna River. It meandered through corn fields then lush trees. At one point, train tracks followed parallel to the path. The trail abruptly ended at a hunting camp in a small town (that explained the gun fire we also heard along the path). We ran a few miles in the quiet town then headed back.

The bridge was a surprise when we came out of the corn fields and rounded a corner. The path was right against the river and went under the bridge. It was a beautiful sight, emerging from the mist!

I love runs like this! Good company makes the miles fly by! Connecting with people – bridging gaps – is one of the wonderful things about running. You really get to know someone after 15+ miles running along side them.

Maybe next time I’m having an argument with someone, I’ll invite them for a run….

©️ iido 2019