She Smiled – A Poem

And she was Freed

Through the Right of Combat

Won with Fairness and Grace

Triumphant, she scaled the Highest Tower

Of the Fortress that had been her Prison

Below her, Chaos reigned

As her captors pointed fingers

And ran away from Responsibility

She smiled, basking in her strength and resilience.

Image credit: Sean Thomas @ Unsplash
For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a huge dragon on the corner rooftop of a building. The building has columns and a balcony and the corner rooftop is domed.

Catching up with inspiration from Sadje’s What Do You See #94 and Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #272 – Freed, #273 – Right, #274 – Fortress and #275 – Chaos. It’s been so long since I’ve put ‘fingers to computer” (the modern day “pen to paper”) – this poem came easy after seeing this fantastical picture from Sadje.

Sometimes, I am dragon in the picture – strong, fierce, fighting for what she believes is right, triumphant in her accomplishment. But often times, I am more seen in the “traditional” view of the dragon – the bad one that needs to be defeated, the one causing chaos and trouble, the unreasonable one. I look at all the Disney movies where the “bad guys” are actually women – mothers – and wonder about the families of origin of those story writers.

What is it about a strong woman that seems scary? That make people want to contain them? Tame them? Dampen their greatness? Simone Biles – Serena Williams – Hillary Clinton – they have nice teeth and no spiked wings, I haven’t seen them sitting on any rooftops….so what is it about strong women that make people want to vilify them?

©️ 2021 iido

25 thoughts on “She Smiled – A Poem

  1. A wondrous Photo Prompt by Sadje, and I love your smiling Dragon response, and the fantasy creatures still holds a soft spot in our imaginations, … tenderness lies within se all, no matter what our cover looks like ..

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  2. love your imaginative response, go slay em girl!

    Also quite relieved to know that you are well and alive, you’ve been silent for far too long. Appreciate your questions, I’ve often asked them myself.

    I think people, unconsciously, resent women breaking the mould. Being themselves, seemingly self-sufficient and not prepared to bow to societal conventions. We admire their traits in men, want them for leaders but seem confused/confounded that women also have these qualities in bucketloads … so ignorance makes others want to tear them down at any cost. Shocking really as we should be holding them up as prime examples of how we should all be!

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  4. Yay, first so happy to see you back with a smiling dragon piece…and i adore it.

    How are you?.

    Well, strong women can be a threat, to most men, even to another woman that’s why many wanted to shut them down..


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