Silly Me – A Quadrille

It was silly of me 

To think it would be 


After we were allowed out

I ran through the streets

Exuberant with



For surviving

Without what we 

Most cherished

Then realized

I was alone

Because to Others 

I was still nothing



Image credit: Pixabay- Zhugher
( For visually challenged reader, the photo shows a man, on a pier, in a carefree swinging movement. A body of water is visible in the background.)

Lillian from dVerse requested quadrilles with theme “silly”, however, I could not rise to that challenge with all that has transpired this week weighing on me. Apologies, Lillian! I will try for a more light-hearted poem for next week.

This quadrille was also written for Sadje’s What to do you see? Photo Prompt #28. I had so many thoughts about this picture of a man – is he dancing? just strolling along? I think the background is in NYC, maybe looking into Queens but I am not sure. I have more thoughts about it though, but I have to confess, my mind has been preoccupied.

Finally, Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #231 – Nothing, completes this trifecta. While his “nothing” conjures relaxation and peace, my “nothing” has undertones of anger and hurt. Interesting how “nothing” can actually be more than one thing….

My mind is overwhelmed  yet I am finding it hard to put into words all the thoughts that keep spilling…

I did find this piece of calming inspiration written by Gina on her piece, Temporary.  She writes:

Temporary is here
our home on earth is a gift
not a guarantee
isolation is life with a new colour
a temporary home,
one we did not order
nothing we ever deserved……

I have to find a new color to paint this part of my world……

ahmaud run graphic_20200507010413380515


© 2020 iido

36 thoughts on “Silly Me – A Quadrille

  1. I suppose there are times we feel so insignificant, but it is temporary right?! you are a whole lot of goodness, fun, love and warmth – wrapped in a beautiful package! thank you for the mention dear friend. I can feel how much the loss of that young man weighs on your heart, empathy can be a physical blow, take care of your heart, there’s only one you!

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    • Yes, all is temporary except death – unless you have faith that even death is temporary. That’s why your words resonated with me. Empathy can be a heavy burden. I am glad to have friends who help me shoulder it and remind me of my worth. Thank you for being such a friend! ❤️

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  2. *hugs* and love to you. So much love. Ivor’s right and you know this of course. The “others” who look at you and see nothing have a lot of filters on their eyes. Blindfolds. This will cheer you. When I wonder what to do next, I ask for great advice from wise people living and elsewhere. Recently a new friend Tiffany asked Dr. King so I did too. What great answers I found! Irma, forgive me, I forget if you celebrate, and if you do, Happy Mother’s Day dear one. ♥.

    View this post on Instagram

    ☼ Happy Mother's Day to those Celebrating! ☼ Pic 1: Card for you for #MothersDay . Pic 2: #thankyoumamas @womensmarch . Pics 3-8: Tiffany @inspirationforwellness published a list of questions and her answers. I loved this first one especially because it is one I ask every day. Her choice of who to ask is also one I would probably make too, though I wish we could ask at least three. . -If You Could Ask Advice From Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be? What Would You Ask Them?- . “Martin Luther King Jr. I would ask him how a normal person like myself could help to change the increasingly divisive climate in the U.S. today.” Tiffany, Inspiration for Wellness . I love quotes. I love Dr. King’s quotes especially and have collected his quotes and many others since I was a 10-year old child. To me quotes are whispers from every time in the history of our species giving us good advice where we are right now — for literally every challenge we face. In about 2010 I decided I wanted to seed “great advice from wise people, living and elsewhere” into the world as quotes made into graphics. My goal was to make 10,000 “gems” or seeds of inspiration. I don’t know how many I have done so far, but I think it’s between four and five thousand. I started this with Rx-for-Healing. That become Gems which then became under1000skies. So, then I thought, “Okay, let’s ask Dr. King Tiffany’s question as a kind of prayer from all of us; or, perhaps, a directed question to ancestors or to the great well of wisdom that is all of us. Let’s let his recorded words speak the answers.” Here are three from one of our MLK Day posts a couple of years ago, not just from Dr. King but from his daughter Bernice and his wife Coretta Scott King. (Lots) more here: . ♡. Niki Flow #tizzlovesrowdy

    A post shared by Niki Flow (@tizzlovesrowdy) on

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    • Niki! Thank you so much for the link! MLK’s words are so profound and a much needed reminder for how to continue to work towards an anti-racist society. I do celebrate mother’s day (4 here on earth, 2 in heaven) – thank you for the kind wishes! I really appreciate your kind words and comfort. *hugs*

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      • You’re very welcome, Irma. Really sorry to read about the loss of your children. It is the worst loss we as moms could ever face. *gentle hugs* You are a strong, brave, beautiful and creative woman and I really admire how you have not let this grief stop you but you continue to shine your light into the world. ♥.

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  6. Being and Nothingness… Sartre

    When everything we know and understand is undermined by alien conditions it becomes a time when our own sense of being, of existence, can be shattered. We don’t know what is; we don’t know who we are.

    I suspect the urge to reflect on what was, or propose to your mind what will be, won’t lead us where we need to go.

    Just sit with what is; consider discovery rather than recovery. Family and friends are the best place to start. That is where most of our sense of being comes from.

    And, yes, silly you. You’re not nothing. 😉

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