The Muse Despairs – A Quadrille

In a cavern

My muse languishes.

Beside her

A broken paddle,

And smashed frame.

Her voice blusters,

A construct of words without meaning

The how of creation

Forgotten in the wake of her shipwreck.

Without poetry,

My muse readies herself

For the long goodnight.

This photo was taken somewhere in Nevada – we had stopped at a place with underground caverns.
The coolness was a relief from the heat outside. I can’t remember the name now, but I remember the feeling.

A double achievement today – and maybe proof that my muse is alive and well! First, this poem which was inspired by De Jackson’s dVerse Monday Quadrille prompt to write a poem of 44 words incorporating the word “muse.” I have to admit, I had forgotten it was quadrille Monday and had written a lovely yet longer poem which I then had to cut down to 44 words. Hopefully, I chose the right 44 words to keep!

Secondly, I am almost caught up with keeping my streak for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Weekly Challenge! Well, if a streak could zig zag and backtrack and then move forward…what do you say, Patrick? I’ve incorporated #296 – Bluster, #288 – Wakes, #282 – Cavern, #281 – Paddle, #280 – Construct, #279 – Frame, #278 – Creation and #276 – Poetry. As a blogger, consistency is key so I am quite proud of my efforts in keeping this streak going.

The muse may be despairing in this quadrille, however, I have to admit, I am feeling quite the opposite. Maybe it’s because it’s a new year…maybe it’s because I am writing again and reconnecting with all of you and reading all the wonderful bloggers that I have missed in the past few months…maybe it’s because I have also started running again….maybe it’s because all these maybes mean potential and potential is hope…and if ever there was a better muse to muse about, it would be Hope.

©️ 2022 iido

29 thoughts on “The Muse Despairs – A Quadrille

  1. The broken muse in despair is such a superb, strong image, with wonderfully conceived lines echoing around the cave…so original, and powerful, the how of creation…or even howl! Really stunning poetry.

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  2. The muse may be despairing in this quadrille, however, I have to admit, I am feeling quite the opposite.

    Irma – I’m so glad to know that your muse isn’t actually in this condition right now 😀 – your imagery was so crisp…



  3. Forward, backwards, upside down, inside out… anyone who can incorporate so many prompt words in a single 44 word poem — that’s really quite a good one — gets kudos from me. The streak is alive! 😉

    As it stands, you may have noticed I haven’t posted — or written — this week’s challenge yet. Ooops! By the end of Tuesday, you’ll have another one to catch up on. 🙂


  4. Inspired, indeed! So happy you’re finding breath for your muse.
    I absolutely love this:
    “Beside her

    A broken paddle,

    And smashed frame.”

    Makes me ponder the things that might remain…what is my tired muse holding in her hand? She feels a little shipwrecked. What’s left to start again? Thank you for this bit of inspiration today.

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  6. hope is indeed a powerful healer, and running is your passion … so glad to see you back on board Irma! Like this one, and caverns … done over a hundred hours underground in much small and prettier ones than this one 🙂

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