2.23 – A Tanaga

Sun shines on sweaty black skin

Running rhythm beats within

Happiness shot down, el fin

Racist men have no chagrin


I ran 2.23 difficult miles today.

It wasn’t difficult because I don’t like stopping at odd numbers. (Don’t tell me I’m the only one who will walk back and forth at the end of a run if I still need .01 to get to a nice, round number…)

It wasn’t difficult because it was 11:47 PM on a Friday night. (I am a night owl so running just before midnight is not out of the ordinary for me.)

It wasn’t difficult because it was a treadmill run. (Although, I am not a big fan of treadmill running, it’s how I’m getting most of my runs during this shelter in place.)

It was difficult because another young black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was killed for doing something that most other people could do without fear – he was going out for a run.

As an Asian, female running in the United States of America, this is what keeps me up at night. Racism is alive and well here. It is more apparent and more prevalent since it’s been given the “all clear” from the highest office in our country.  While the white men, a Father/Son duo, who shot Ahmaud were arrested, they live in an area where they (the two white men who shot an unarmed black man) are well connected with law enforcement and the legal system. Will Ahmaud get justice?  FYI – there are no hate crime laws in Georgia….

This tanaga (while not written in Filipino) is my way of raising consciousness about the unconscionable. #irunwithMaud #blacklivesmatter

ahmaud run graphic_20200507010413380515


28 thoughts on “2.23 – A Tanaga

  1. Racism is rampant everywhere in the world….. and it saddens me greatly, and I abhor the attitude of the so-called leaders of our communities…… even in Australia, the conservative government, manipulates peoples fears via racism to gain themselves votes at the elections (does that sound familiar)…… my heart bleeds for another innocent soul lost…. due to ignorance and arrogance…. of stupid creatures…!!

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  2. Well said, Irma, as usual. Racism is everywhere in the world, yes and sadly, but when the leadership isn’t even pretending that it should be otherwise, it’s heartbreaking and frightening. Heartbreaking. Frightening. All this and a global pandemic to boot. 😥

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  3. It is unacceptable that anyone should be fearful or think twice about doing ordinary activities just because of skin colour, religion or gender. I worry that humanity will never change.

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  4. It is a discussion my husband and I were having just this morning over how even voting and the census cause problems stemming often from a place of racism and prejudice against someone based on their race and ethnic background. It’s a huge problem that shouldn’t be tolerated and too many turn a blind eye and don’t want to speak up or get involved. 😞😢

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    • Quite true. There is much racism that has been institutionalized, codified in our laws and processes. If we continue to turn a blind eye, it will continue to be there. I am glad you and your husband are discussing it!

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      • Absolutely, we have friends from all over the world…not to mention the US is supposed to be a beautiful melting pot of diversity and freedom. I feel like it’s a phrase people stir to make of their own meaning. So many amazing men and women from all around the world have lost their lives standing up for freedom, equality, women’s rights and on and on. It’s sad how many years and people’s lives have been put forward for important causes and it feels like all the many years it took to see progress is easily lost in a much shorter period of time based on the political atmosphere and what issues that stand for. 😢

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  5. such a waste of such a beautiful life!

    Racism is increasingly blatant here … frequent public abuse …
    that they could take a life for absolutely no reason but coz they’re white fellas there will be few consequences. That is so wrong and even more tragic as it leads the way for other such murders …

    my heart bleeds when I hear of such incidences … when will ever learn!
    Sounds like the treadmill is the safest option for now …

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  6. Wow, just like that…!!!
    They should him for being black?..i cannot understand what kind of heart they have..

    Keep safe Irma..and i love your Tanaga

    P. S

    I dont know why you dont show up in my reader so i have to unfollow you and follow again..lol ..lets see if it works

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    • Agreed. You would think every state would have one, but alas, Georgia is one of five (5!!) states in the US that don’t have hate crime laws (the others are Arkansas, Indiana, South Carolina and Wyoming).

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