Thoughts Written on January 6 – A Quadrille

My summer island beckons me

When the sun hides behind

Winter clouds. Her waves, trapped

In whispering shallows, softly request

My return. Her rocky shoreline

Curved in a waiting embrace.

Her salty scent of carefree

Days warming the frigid air.

Only 6 more months.

Quadruple prompts in this quadrille! Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #196 – Islands was the basis for this poem while Jamie’s Wednesday Writing Prompt to create a poem about the seasons set the scene. I was also able to incorporate dVerse’s Quadrille #83 – Sun (Happy 8th Anniversary dVerse!!) and the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt – Whispering Shallows. Whew!

I wrote this quadrille thinking of my two favorite islands – Maui (where the picture was taken) and Martha’s Vineyard. We’ve had lovely vacations in both these islands. They are vastly different in topography yet both bring a sense of peace and contentment – that “Hakuna Matata” feeling. Maybe it’s the sun on my skin or the smell of the sea or the gentle whisper of the waves that makes food taste better, colors look more vibrant, love feel deeper. I search for this during cold winter days.

©️ iido 2019

17 thoughts on “Thoughts Written on January 6 – A Quadrille

  1. Maybe its really the sun on your skin that gives that feel good feeling. They say not having to see the sun for a really long time makes you so anxious and uneasy.

    Then i thought , that’s why maybe we Filipinos are generally happy because we are blessed with sunshine allthroughout the year .

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  3. i watched Lion King on the weekend, what a treat to see my favourite characters again! i am dreaming of winter too Irma. Lovely quadrille, you show us how blessed we are, no matter where on earth, nature always charms us with her beauty. your love for the sea is beautifully transcribed here.

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