Moon Eyes – A Poem

I’ve only seen the new dawn

With sleepless eyes

That close as the new day begins.

What new dreams can occur

When the sun shines so bright?

Dreams are meant to be covered in moonbeams

Maybe new eyes will see the wisdom of letting Artemis hunt alone.

(Full disclosure – the picture above is not a new dawn but a sunset!)

I know it’s Friday, but this poem is for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt. Beth and Devereaux requested: Use any or all of the following phrases in any kind of writing—new dawn/ new day/ new dreams.

This piece was born of the many sleepless nights I have recently been having, for no good reason besides not being able to sleep. Maybe my mind is hungry for something …whatever the reason, I should add getting to sleep at a decent time on my goal list!


Snowfall – Two Haikus

Flat boring paper

The snowfall of my mind smiles


Prompts in the forecast

The snowfall of minds gather

Blizzard of poems

Tuesday was a busy day! At the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt, Devereaux and Beth requested poems that used the phrase “snowfall of my mind”. While I did change it a bit for the second poem, I hope my offerings are accepted for this week.

Over at dVerse – Poetics, Gina reminded us about the magic in ordinary things. I chose paper and prompts as my ordinary things. As a poet, I use paper and write about prompts weekly. One day of contemplating these ordinary things lead to these appreciative haikus.

In this busy season, I hope you all can take some time to appreciate the ordinary – isn’t this what the season is all about anyway?

Fireside Chats – A Cascade Poem

He said, “Wicked!”

“Chill,” she said

“It’s a slow burn. Wait for the flames to gather.”

It was a Radical Idea at the time

“Face to face?”

He said, “Wicked!”

They tried it, taking turns

Taking breaths when it got too hard

“Chill,” she said

Yet their fervor created a spark

Embers spread via mouth to mouth with tea times and tupperware

“It’s a slow burn. Wait for the flames to gather.”

This post is a “two-fer”! At the Go Dog Go Cafe, their Tuesday Writing Prompt, Devereaux and Beth Amanda requested: Use the words “wicked chill” in any form of poetry or prose. While Victoria over at dVerse Poetics, thoughtful of the catastrophic wildfires in California, asked us to think aboutthe many other possibilities that apply to fire, and bring us the results of your burning creativity“.

Despite the seemingly conflicting mandates, my little poem seeks to illustrates how one spark – an idea, a change in behavior or outlook – can create a fire, a fervor for that change. There are many things I would like to change right now. My flame may flickering , but it will not go out!

What’s Your Problem? – A Reverse Nonet

I am right when I say this is true

The problem of our country is

I know better than you do

There is only one way

So do what I say

No more listening

Only shouting

And shooting

So what?




Ears, hearts, minds

Not right or wrong

Better together

No need for big egos

Let’s make room for ideas

Before the sounds of bombs deafen

And we are left, right, alone, deadened

It’s been a busy week in our household but I really wanted to respond to this Tuesday prompt from the Go Dog Go Cafe. Their query: What is the biggest problem facing the country right now? If you could only change one thing, what would it be? Consider if this problem can even truly be “changed”, or if it is something steeped in our culture.

I don’t know if this is the “biggest problem” but it’s definitely one of them – the inability to listen, the lack of empathy, the self-centeredness. Turning on the news, it seems people are just yelling opinions at each other, attacking the other person instead of having a serious debate about issues using facts to back up statements. The art of conversation, debate, is gone. The value of connection and relationship is gone. My fear is if we continue down this path, towards isolation, we – the collective American We – we too, will be gone.

©️ iido 2018

Night’s Whispers – A Cascade Poem

My child cries “Mommy”

My lover sighs “Honey”

Night’s whispers change but the meaning is the same

For a drink or for potty

For snuggles or a story

My child cries “Mommy”

For a drink or movie

For snuggles or nookie

My lover sighs “Honey”

Darkness calls fear by different names

Speaks secrets and screams, depending on the game

Night’s whispers change but the meaning is the same

The Tuesday Writing Prompt at the Go Dog Go Cafe was to use the phrase “Night’s whispers” in a poem of any kind.

In my first drafts, I was using the phrase “night whispers”, but then I realized the prompt was for “night’s whispers”, that is “whispers belonging to the night”. A few tweaks and with the help of the cascade poem form, and this poem came to be.

This poem is probably the “time opposite” of my previous poem, “No Chocolate for Breakfast“. If you read both, you’ll get a sense of my life right now – day and night! If there was a prompt for “audience in the bathroom” or “all that schooling and all I do is taxi my kids around”, you’ll have the complete picture! Conversely, any prompts for “what’s something you do for yourself besides writing (or running)” or “what do you do when you have a free hour to yourself besides writing (or running)” would draw a blank!

©️ iido 2018

A Love Story in 12 Words

A tug

A pull

A cry

But once in my arms


(I know this picture isn’t a smiling one but look at that adorable Popeye face yawning!)


This 12 word poem about a love story was inspired by the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt. I know, a day late – it’s been that kind of week! These word limited poems are really quite challenging for me but in a satisfying type of way.

This crazy week has also limited my running – limited as in none! My last run was Sunday and I can tell by my energy and mood that I am long overdue for one. Hmmmm, maybe I can sneak in a short run like I’m sneaking in writing these short poems…..