Blurry Face – A Haiku

Paper ripped open

Delight quickly blurs your face

What season is this?

This haiku was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #211- Blur.

The weeks have gone by so fast this December! Writing and blogging has given way to shopping and “celebrating” the season. Although, I can argue that half the time it’s hard to say what exactly is being celebrated besides commercialism.

I hope this holiday season does not go by as a blur for you – that you have the time to savor the love of family and the comfort of friends. Merry Christmas to my Christian friends! Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends! Happy holidays to my friends celebrating other traditions this month! And for those who prefer this version – Happy Festivus!

©️ iido 2019

10 thoughts on “Blurry Face – A Haiku

  1. <smile> Sometimes it is a little too easy to forget the spending time with family and friends in peace and harmony and joy part of the holidays, what with all the preparation and travel and gift planning/getting/making/wrapping and feasts to cook. Sometimes, we need to take a vacation from holidays.

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  3. hope the holidays were meaningful for you my dear. we all celebrate it differently and for different reasons, I won’t ever judge, humans go thru cycles in life, when we are young it’s all about the buying and glitter, then we age and mature and things start having a deeper meaning, but we get to that point because we had a chance to be part of the messy and crinkly! all that is important is that we live with no regret and never bow to pressure! your words always evoke the philosopher in me…LOL!! happy new year dear, dear friend!

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    • I love how you’ve put this this season in a longitudinal perspective! You’re probably right that we don’t get to the wisdom of age and maturity without going through the messy, crinkly (I love this term you used) stages of life. Hope you also enjoy a wonderful start to the new year, dear Gina! ❤️

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