The Towers Fell – A Trijian Refrain Poem

These tall metal and concrete trees
Towering overhead
Without leaves to dance in the breeze
Remind me of the dead
The towers fell – because of hate
Lack of compassion can’t relate
The towers fell
The towers fell
What is this world that we create?

While this is not a true Trijian Refrain Poem as it only has one stanza, it does fulfill Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #194 – Towers. With this being 4th of July weekend, my thoughts drifted to the Twin Towers in NYC and the horrific events of 9/11/01. I grew up in NYC and the Twin Towers were a definite feature in my life, especially in high school.

I remember going to the plaza between the two towers on sunny days after school. My friends and I would lay on the ground and look up at the towers. It would feel like they were swaying towards you. It was a beautiful, awe-inspiring moment that I still carry with me.

What is it about these structures that reach to the sky? That can inspire with their heights of grandeur or at times, feel like they are falling in on you?

©️ iido 2019

20 thoughts on “The Towers Fell – A Trijian Refrain Poem

  1. your poem fits the form perfectly. the towers were iconic to put it mildly. i walked through ground zero recently and still felt the presence of the towers, i still felt the shadow it cast. i wrote some poems on them and now you have reminded me to dig them out. what i loved about your structured words is hollow depths of loss and unfulfilled dreams, you pulled me into a vortex of emotions, so eloquent my dear

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    • Yes, I still feel this loss and the subsequent fear, horror and sadness quite profoundly. I haven’t been able to make myself go to ground zero – I know I will just go there and weep. I would love to read your words on this as well! ❤️❤️

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  3. I remembered back in 2011, i was on my way to work.when the news of attack broke. We were oceans apart but we felt the grief and sorrow and fear. And even up to this day we remembered. Your poem fits peferctly to the symbolic image of a tower and how it inspired people.
    Today, i always look at with great awe and admiration everytime i pass by the Twin Towers/Petronas Towers in Kuala evokes so many emotions.

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  4. I remember visiting the twin towers just a year before they fell! Your words bring back the memories of NYC…such a vibrant city! Your words as always, full of evocative emotions and so poignant. ❤️❤️


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