Mother With the Green Hair – A Poem

Rough brown skin scratches my cheek

I lean into your strength

My arms wrap around you

My fingers not touching

Reminding me of your age

A comfort in this short sighted world

Your willowy boughs sway in the hot breeze

But under your protective shadow

I am but one who rejoices/relishes in your giving nature.

This poem was written for Jamie Dedes’ Wednesday Writing Prompt to write a poem about a time when I felt most at one with nature (note: the link is Jamie’s post with the prompt responses as she has a new method for collecting response to her prompts. The original request is here.)

I love Nature however Nature has often times not loved me back as evidenced by all the insect bites I usually get during the summer, the sunburns, and the humid-inspired frizzy hair-do. Trees though have been a stalwart friend on these hot summer days. I am always saddened when I see one being cut down. All those decades, centuries of growing…and only a few minutes to have it all fall down. Not to mention the loss of an oxygen creator…

When we lived in verdant New Hampshire, Hubby and I used to joke about not having enough trees for everyone…now I fear, that may soon be not a joking matter.

©️ iido 2019

21 thoughts on “Mother With the Green Hair – A Poem

  1. when we get bitten by mosquitoes it is said that we have sweet tasting blood, so nature loves you! you had a love bite! i love trees, big trees especially and a lot of poems on them in my archives, you make me want to go and bring a tree home!! LOL. love the arrangement of words and the flow into my heart.

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