Promises – A Quadrille

Why promise sunshine

When stormy clouds beckon warm snuggles under blankets

Why promise safe harbor

When tempests rock the rhythm that brings quivering joy

Why promise white picket fences

When unknown roads uncover the places of soft sighs

I will only promise my heart.


Trying something new today – yes, I know it’s Tuesday and this was a dVerse Quadrille Monday prompt….well, better late than never, right?

What is a quadrille poem, you ask? It’s a poem of exactly 44 words (not including the title) with the prompt word embedded into the poem. The challenge this Monday was to include the word “harbor” or a form of the word (verb, noun, even using poetic license is allowed) however using a synonym does not fulfill the prompt. A quadrille is also an 18th/19th century dance performed by four couples in a square formation (the precursor to square dancing according to Wikipedia). I’m not sure how the dance became a poem – if you do, please enlighten the rest of us! However it came about, keeping a poem to 44 words was a challenge for me (can you tell by the rambling I’ve done in this section? 😂). Thank you Lillian at dVerse for getting me out of my safe harbor and trying out this new form!

©️ iido 2018

9 thoughts on “Promises – A Quadrille

  1. love that you are participating in writing the quadrille, one of the loveliest forms to me. i don’t like making promises, have seen too many broken carelessly. i promise my heart is equally scary for me. i admire your courage. your quadrille is superb!

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    • Thank you! The careless promise is probably one of the main reasons for sadness and anger in this world.

      It is difficult for me to be limited word wise (have you noticed I like to “talk”? 😁) so keeping to the 44 words was definitely a challenge. I think I actually found dVerse through a link from you so THANK YOU for helping me grow as a poet! 💐❤️

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      • i like to “talk” too and usually convolute myself in the process. ironically in person i am less of a chatter box. it takes time for me to formulate a response.

        yes so true careless promises destroys the best of relationships.

        I like d’verse because it gives us a wide range of poetry forms and challenges to express our creativity. the quadrille has helped me hone a skill to be brief but precise. you are doing a fine job on your own, i just maybe planted a seed!! look out for D’verse next week too, maybe something will surprise you there!

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  2. Tardy to my replies — apologies.
    I do love the question-answer format here —- and especially that you’ve given the positive of doing the opposite….as in safe harbors might be too containing, rather strike out and reach for more, live. And oh yes….I love that “nesting” imupulse in a storm or strong snow storm…to snuggle under the blankets with a good book or better yet, a loving partner.
    Really enjoyed this response to the prompt!

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    • Thank you so much! I’m always interested in looking at prompts from different angles. I’m glad it worked for this poem! Yes – a great combo = stormy or snowy day, blankets, a good book, a warm partner and hot drink (or maybe a hot partner and warm drink?) 😁.


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