A Love Story in 12 Words

A tug

A pull

A cry

But once in my arms


(I know this picture isn’t a smiling one but look at that adorable Popeye face yawning!)


This 12 word poem about a love story was inspired by the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt. I know, a day late – it’s been that kind of week! These word limited poems are really quite challenging for me but in a satisfying type of way.

This crazy week has also limited my running – limited as in none! My last run was Sunday and I can tell by my energy and mood that I am long overdue for one. Hmmmm, maybe I can sneak in a short run like I’m sneaking in writing these short poems…..

15 thoughts on “A Love Story in 12 Words

  1. oh the poem really tugs at my heart, most beautiful 12 words, a real love story. i hope you get to sneak that run in. I have been bogged down with work and looks like it will increase in the next few weeks. I have switched to running home after work. totally understand the edginess and moodiness.

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