Do You Want Fries With That? – A Quadrille

Your wild red hair,

Pale skin and

Painted lips belied

Your power.

Despite scientists showing

The Traditional Ways were better,

Our greased guts and

A-salt-ed hearts craved the

Colonial Menu

Of broken McPromises and

Big McLies.

Our health for Your wealth.

Not funny, Clown.

Jamie Dedes had a guest “prompter” this past week, Zimbabwean poet activist, Mbizo Chirasha. His prompt requested poems or prose about “neocolonialism or the use in place of direct imperialism of capitalism, globalization, and cultural imperialism for the suppression of human rights by First World actors in Third World arenas.” A difficult, yet thought provoking challenge. You can find responses to this prompt here.

I was also able to incorporate Kim’s prompt for D’Verse Quadrille #96 – Wild.

Being an immigrant to this first world country, I realize now how much the USA has influenced my country of origin, for better or worse. To me, this influence can be found in colorism and internalized racism. It is also most evident in the preponderance of American food, specifically fast food, found in every mall (also an American concept) and every city, large and small.

It is truly a wild concept that the USA can consider McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, KFC and other fast food restaurants as main exports. It isn’t just the food but what that food symbolizes about the “American Dream” – is this really what America is all about?

©️ 2020 iido

13 thoughts on “Do You Want Fries With That? – A Quadrille

  1. I like where your quadrille to me, Irma! You painted a perfect picture of something I really dislike. Just the smell of the place makes me cross the road. I’m not keen on clowns, so I was never fooled by him. I love ‘broken McPromises and Big McLies’!

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    • Good for you, Kim! Clowns never bothered me until I was an adult and realized how creepy they were. McD was a “treat” when I was younger since we seldom went out but now with my own kids, it’s less a treat and more as a “last resort”. Thanks again for this wild prompt!

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  2. very pertinent points Irma … fast rubbish food to make people fat is an interesting export! Fortunately one that doesn’t interest me 🙂

    MCs prompt really unleashed your thoughts on colonisation … here the Brits did nearly as much damage but having your military bases here means we are a sitting target!

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