F-Words – A Tautogram Haiku

Fake facts finding fools

Fantasy forcing future failures

Funny? Fucked.

I found this image on Facebook from a friend of mine who had posted it. I am not sure where it came from, so if you are the owner of this image (or know who is), please let me know so I can make proper attribution and/or compensation for using it here. Thank you! UPDATE: Thank you to The Mellow Curmudgeon for finding the artist of this fabulous drawing. The artist is Rick Fausto. You can find the original work at https://rickfrausto.com/products/don-the-con.

This haiku was originally going to be a light-hearted, funny little thing using Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #260 – Future as the inspiration and Donna Matthew’s call for tautogram poems at the Go Dog Go Cafe for the structure. However, as often happens with my writing – the poem decides to take a different road.

If you haven’t guessed, the assault on the Capitol building in Washington, DC has been on my mind. Not only is there a pandemic, but there is an assault on American democracy. The fallacy of the American Way and the American Dream has been laid bare. As an immigrant, a woman of color, who has been steeped in this fabulous fable, finding out that this fairy tale is actually a “fairy fail,” has filled me with sadness, anger, disbelief, indignation. It’s the same feeling I had when I found out that Santa wasn’t real – somehow, I knew deep down inside that a man coming down the chimney to give me gifts was too good to be true, but still really hoping that he was real.

Disillusioned disappointment is tough, no matter what the age.

©️ 2021 iido

15 thoughts on “F-Words – A Tautogram Haiku

  1. I hear you!

    I think I was more upset that parents who taught me to Never lie were caught out by the santa and tooth fairy lies … it was most distressing to find out I had fallible parents!


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  3. The haiku is a worthy companion to the Voltaire quote.  Both say harsh truths, and I admire whoever overlaid a profile of DJT with the quote.

    Tho a third generation American and an old white guy, I too am filled with sadness, anger, disbelief, indignation.  Tho I have known for decades that “liberty and justice for all” is an aspiration rather than a fact, I have also been inclined to believe that America’s rocky path tended upward over the long haul, despite the many obstacles and painful setbacks.  Yes, the Capitol assault on constitutional democracy makes believing in progress feel like believing in Santa Claus.

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    • Yes, you’ve spoken truth here. No matter your background, I think for those of us who have believed in what the USA stood for – the ideal rather then the reality – these happening have been a shock but it shouldn’t stop us from hoping for and working towards that ideal. Like Tom Hanks said in the Polar Express Movie, we have to “believe.”

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