Curiosity – A Haiku


Sees beyond the black and white

The key to freedom

Image credit: Billow 926@ Unsplash
( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a baby panda standing in a mosses basket. Next to it is a wicker basket it is leaning into)

This adorable picture is courtesy of Sadje’s What Do You See #54 photo prompt. I am biased to baby pandas. My older son is obsessed with pandas so we have a plethora of stuffed pandas in our house.

Baby pandas are born small, weak. They are pink and blind. If there is more than one born (and often times there are) the mother panda must chose one to care for since she doesn’t have the resources to support both. Pandas are the opposite of rabbits – they do not mate often, have long gestation periods, and can only care for one baby at a time. They rely on one food source (bamboo) and are not known as the most aggressive animals (no matter what the movie “Kung Fu Panda” might have you believe).

Yet they have become a symbol of hope, a symbol of what humans can accomplish if they work to bring nature back into balance instead of continuing to destroy for the sake of “progress”.

As the pandemic progressed, it makes me wonder where are the “pandas” in my life? Where else do I have to put in work to keep that part of my life alive? What about in yours?

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25 thoughts on “Curiosity – A Haiku

        • The world world is in a bad state! I did hear about a “toxic fog” in Northern India, around New Delhi that settled after Diwali – pollution and pandemic are two awful crises separately, together…oh, my heart is breaking…hoping you are your family are staying safe.

          The delusions of the current administration are beyond measure! But whether he admits it or not, come January, he will be out of the White House.

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  2. beautiful share Irma … but no victory cry? Got the election outcome you needed, now praying the beggar will move on …

    I am living the dream, just got to save the world now … can I do it this week 🙂

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  4. Mine is connecting more with my community, friends, family. I know I have struggled over the course of everything. Greif struck hard on top of the strain of everything that has transpired this year. Though I’ve found a strength I’d forgotten I had. I’ve rebuilt some relationships, deepening others, but also connected with myself on a whole new level. ❤️

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