Twilight Sonata – A Quadrille

(For your ears: Twilight sonata by Beethoven)

In the brief twilight of your life

The melody of anger and disbelief

Left my fingers

Caressed your small form

Saturated the ground

Flowed like sorrow

Off the expectant page

This Quadrille is in response to Hélène gorgeous “What do you see?” picture prompt. There are so many lovely details here! Gina’s response to this same prompt, The Music Tree (an absolutely heart wrenching poem), drew my attention to the little figure by the tree. Coupled with Jamie’s Wednesday Writing Prompt, to “write about a child in my life”, and this poem and the next one were born!

I have mentioned in the past about losing my twins, Larissa and Lucas, who were born at too early at 23 weeks. This Quadrille and the next poem are dedicated to them. They are still and will always be children in my life – their song lives in my heart forever.

©️ iido 2018

24 thoughts on “Twilight Sonata – A Quadrille

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  2. Your poem is beautiful. Larissa and Lucas are surely watching over you, adoring your blessings through your tender poetry. Thank you for sharing the depth of your soul.

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  3. You heart bleeds all over the lines my dear, and I want to hug those broken pieces back together again, but it is not possible is it? losing a child is the cruelest thing in this world. but they are forever beautiful and free from all hurt now, your poem is a beautiful tribute to their short glorious lives. I hold you for as long as you need me to. Only a mother’s heart understands the joy and pain of this loss. We never stop being their mother and they are forever our children. hugs Mama!

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    • Oh your words are such a balm to my soul! There is always a recovery period for me after I write a piece about my beautiful babies. I am hugging you back with a fierceness of understanding and love. 💐❤️

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