Rapid Social Commentary – A Poem

Rapid vapid

Too fast for nothing

Falsie selfie

Not true for/that’s me

Connected dejected

Screen time cutting life

Me-first cloud-burst

Rain on your parade

Hot mess distress

Help get out of the Arctic

Stop this selfish


This prompt responds to Patrick’s Pic and. Word Challenge #169 – Rapid. Patrick’s poem and photo inspired this quick little piece that started in my head with the rhyme “rapid vapid” and developed into some phrases and thoughts about the current state of society. To me, this poem sounds frenzied and choppy (although with a definite beat) – similar to how I feel about our country (the USA) right now. Even the writing (and posting) of this piece was frenzied and chopped (I had to quickly post to meet the deadline without my usual comments included). However, it all turned out ok. I’m hoping it’s that way in real life as well.

©️ iido 2019