Thoughts on Awakening – A Senryu

The joy of morning

Crowded out by pointy knees

In my lower back

(Yes, I know that picture is of frog legs and not of kid legs that kick and flail in the bed then eventually ending up across my neck while the other is jammed between L3 and L4. But I am usually too groggy to take a picture of said kids’ flailing legs when they are in the bed. )

Jamie’s Wednesday Writing Prompt when I was on vacation was to write about “What is it like when you are awaken in the morning? Are you up-and-at ’em right away?  Do you curl back up for a few moments of precious sleep?  Are you ever disoriented, perhaps not knowing the time or place?” You can read the poetic responses she received here.

Full disclosure, I am not a good sleeper which makes me a horrible waker-upper. I am usually not fully awake until around 10-11 AM. This is bad news for my family, especially my hubby who is in charge of breakfast and getting kids dressed in the morning by default. When he travels, our mornings are hectic and stressful. I will admit to relying on my older daughter to get me up since she has been blessed with the Early Bird Gene from her dad.

There are many reasons I don’t get a good night’s sleep but only two reasons that I wake up in the morning with aching shoulders and back. Wager a guess what these are?


Here are some more senryus/haikus on Thoughts on Awakening:

No, no, no, not yet
Keep that dreadful sun at bay
Snooze 10 minutes more

New day go away
My eye lids still seek the moon
I curl contented

I would love you, Dawn
But you are an Early Bird
My worm needs its sleep

Children wake refreshed
Sprawled out on a king sized bed
Parents on the edge

©️ iido 2019

Moon Eyes – A Poem

I’ve only seen the new dawn

With sleepless eyes

That close as the new day begins.

What new dreams can occur

When the sun shines so bright?

Dreams are meant to be covered in moonbeams

Maybe new eyes will see the wisdom of letting Artemis hunt alone.

(Full disclosure – the picture above is not a new dawn but a sunset!)

I know it’s Friday, but this poem is for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt. Beth and Devereaux requested: Use any or all of the following phrases in any kind of writing—new dawn/ new day/ new dreams.

This piece was born of the many sleepless nights I have recently been having, for no good reason besides not being able to sleep. Maybe my mind is hungry for something …whatever the reason, I should add getting to sleep at a decent time on my goal list!