Why Fear A Woman – a Reverse Nonet

Oh, now, don’t be scared by what you see.

My thick dark hair, my slender neck,

My ample bosom and hips.

Do I intimidate?

I like animals.

I can cook, too.

Like me now?

But, wait,



Than my

Body or

Niceness or skills.

I read, think and feel.

I make wishes come true.

Mine – and if I want – yours, too.

So, come in, talk, love – if you dare.

You should be scared by what you don’t see.

This photo from Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?” prompt intrigued me. While it could easily be related to the current Halloween season, it also made me wonder why images of beautiful women behind a pot, in the dark woods, with books, a treasure chest, and/or a pet bird, conjured such scary, spooky thoughts.

Why are women depicted alongside symbols or images of power, often vilified?

And why do we women accept those labels of witch (if we’re old or not that pretty) or bitch (if we’re young or pretty)?

A strong, intelligent, brave, beautiful and/or powerful woman should be cherished, not feared!


Did you read the title as:

~ A Question – Why fear a woman?

~ A Challenge – Why? Fear a woman?

~ Or with a sense of Incredulousness – Why, fear? A woman?

~ Or maybe even as a statement, possibly the title of an essay or the beginning of a list – Why fear a woman:


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