Letting Go: A Steep Learning Curve – A Quadrille

The steep facade never phased

Your brave eyes, upward, gazed

Climbing with such sure feet

Never thinking what if, defeat

Yet steeped in my fantasy

My baby is all that I see

Letting go hurts my heart

For I know, this is just the start

Mish at dVerse provided the prompt “steep” for Monday Quadrille #72. I didn’t realize how versatile this word can be! I am not such a fan of steep heights but my daughter (and her friends) are. Ah, youth! Or as a mom, I say, “wah, youth!” 😩😭😭.

©️ iido 2019

Why Start this Blog?

Because I just ran the Big Sur International Marathon

But did not finish in less than 6 hours

Because my baby is 1

And 3 and 6 and 8

Because we are moving

Across the country


Because I need something to hold on to

While I am letting go…..