Nature’s Gift – A Haiku

I almost missed this Wednesday Writing prompt by Jamie Dedes at The Poet by Day. Thank goodness for time zone differences! Her call to action this week:

What among nature’s gifts do you cherish, the free gifts of life that marketers don’t sully and that are ours for the taking. Tells us what, why, how and when in your own poem/s.

I enjoy reading and writing poetry about nature. Yet, writing something about nature that hasn’t been sullied by marketing was a tall order for me! Flowers, trees, mountains, lakes, sunsets, sunrises, beaches, sun, moon, stars, clouds, the air we breathe….is there nothing that hasn’t be co-opted by capitalism?

Then, I cane up with this:



Building or tall tree

Nature’s coolness shared with me

A welcome reprieve

Yes, I know they sell parasols and “sunbrellas”, but nothing feels more like the world is loving you than a warm sunny day and some shady trees just waiting for you to sit and be.

Thank you for the prompt, Jamie! It was a good reminder for me to appreciate these gifts from nature.

©️iido 2018

My Gift to You As Long As We Both Shall Live

Sometimes my life gets consumed by kids and schedules and errands and running and writing and whatever else, that I forget that I have a life partner who can help with some of those things and who also needs attention. This poem was inspired by my Hubby and by the Go Dog Go Café Writing Challenge – The gift you share. Specifically, the challenge was to write about your gift of happiness to someone. I read this to my Honey before posting it – I think it made him happy!


I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, angry

With my still over packing at 3 am for our 6 am flight

And my inability to see the piles of pots and dishes and projects and wishes.

I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, annoyed

With my running on Filipino time Apple watch

And my need to open every light and closet door just to give you an extra chore.

I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, exasperated

With my up at night rhymings that don’t pay the rent

And my obsessive infraction of WordPress distraction.

I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, loved

With my morning drool running down your shoulder

And my super power that relieves you of all the stress that makes you glower.

I make you happy.

It’s my gift.

©️iido 2018