Last year on this date, in Charlottesville, racism, bigotry, hatred and violence came together in the form of the “Unite the right white pride/white nationalist rally”. Today, in Washington DC, this same rally took place in front of the White House. Despite a different outcome today, the fight for true equality, for an end to racism, in the United States continues.




American Eyes

If you look at me

Will you see

That I, too, love the home of the free

That allows me to say amen and glory be

Or praise be to Allah, or nothing at all.

Does it matter the words that answer God’s Call?

If you look at me

Will you see

That I, too, love the land of the brave

My police proud brother facing danger grave

My military friends who follow family around

Who silently weep when they’re put to rest in the ground.

If you look at me

Will you see

That I, too, support unalienable rights

So keep your guns but let’s not fight

There is only one flag that we should fly

Your rights shouldn’t mean that mine should die.

If you look at me

Will you see

Only what your hateful stare decrees

Instead of your eyes, turn your ears to me

Turn your heart to me

Reclaim that part of your humanity.

©️iido 2018


My recent post about my self-professed “fish love of running” has stayed in my mind since I posted it. If you know me IRL, you know that I am not a natural runner. I only started running when I was 30 so it’s been only about 13 years since I laced up my first pair of running shoes.

This week, I did a couple of quick miles while my girls were at their horse back riding lesson (yes, I am living vicariously through them – what little girl didn’t go through a horse obsession?).

The spirit of grace and speed…oh yes, and there are horses in the picture too! 🤣

It was my first sola run in a long time, probably almost a year since we moved to our new locale. As much as I love running with my group #MRTT, having this time for myself was something I didn’t realize I was missing.

When I first started running, I ran exclusively alone. I was worried about being slow and didn’t want anyone witnessing my walking or jiggly body parts. As I was able to run farther and faster and became more confident, I joined my local running group and realized the awesomeness that is the group run. Now, I usually always run with my MRTT group and do stuff like this:

#sportsbrasquad #mrttbodsquad

Running has definitely given me the gift of confidence not just in my body but in mind and spirit.

And that’s something I really need right now.

As lovely as the farmland surrounding me during this run, I couldn’t help but think of the people living in the area who might not welcome me running through, who would think of me as “other” and attribute any number of negative qualities based on my skin and facial features. Would they even see me as “just” a runner? I couldn’t decide whether I should try to run faster for safety or run slower to prove that I, too, deserve to be here.

As my footsteps found their rhythm, my breathing became my focus and I was finally able to enjoy my run. This is the second best gift I have received from running: the ability to have a few moments of freedom.

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