Lost – A Hay(Na)Ku*


Is a

Frame of mind

We did a hike in the French Alps with some friends of ours who live near Annecy. It was quite a different hike than what we’ve done in the USA. We drove up into the mountains, stopped on a hillside by a cow pasture and just started walking. My friend said this was how it was done in France. You just walked around and explored and then find your way back.

It was really enjoyable to be out in the sun and the grass. We saw cows and some people parasailing (or trying to, the wind was really strong that day). We also saw some awesome RC airplanes. The hike wasn’t too strenuous but I definitely got my exercise circle closed that day!

On the drive back to our hotel in the city, I came upon a blog by Jason Muckley who blogs at Poems for Warriors. His post was about “flaneuring”, a term I had never heard of but that perfectly described our hike. It makes me wonder why the French have such a word but there is no equivalent for that in the USA. Is there an equivalent in other languages/countries?

I think I will have to continue to find opportunities to flaneur when we get back from vacation.

* Jason also introduced me to the Hay(Na)Ku poetry from. It is similar in brevity to the Haiku with three lines but the word (not syllable) count is 1-2-3. The Hay(Na)Ku was created by a Filipina poet named Eileen Tabios in 2003. The name is a play on words of a Tagalog expression loosely translated into “oh my!” Of course, I fell in love it with right away!

Thanks Jason for introducing me to these two wonderful new concepts!!

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1 mile = 100 Calories

All 4 kids will be in school this week leaving me with two whole days ALL BY MYSELF!! I haven’t had that in about 4 years (since my two older ones were in school and I hadn’t had #3 yet). I had a 3.75 mile stroller run this past Thursday and I can definitely say, I am not going to miss pushing a stroller on my weekday runs! 

(My last stroller run with two awesome mother runners from Moms RUN this Town. Can you tell I’m smiling in this picture?)

I have a long list of things to do with my “extra free time”. Yes, it’s in quotes and yes, I am being “slightly” sarcastic! 

Besides being able to run and go to the gym alone, I’ll also be able to grocery shop and do laundry alone, take a shower alone, work on some household projects alone…gosh, now I’m getting a bit sad thinking about all my kids being away from me for 14 hours out of the week…good thing I bought some food for self-soothing….

Oh wait, did I saw that out loud? (Note: maybe that whole last section should have had quotes! =)

Yes, these are some of my favorite Filipino comfort foods! Snagged them when I went to NY this weekend since there are no Filipino food stores near me (gosh, I miss SJ and Seafood City!). 

No worries though – I have my running plan all written out for increasing my mileage after my half marathon this weekend. My full marathon is coming up in about a month! All those calories will just get burned away (right??)!

Can you guess how many calories is in the picture above and how many miles I’ll have to run to burn it off? Best guess will get some Sweet Corn Balls and chicharon!