Opposable Thumbs

A poem inspired by The Poet by Day’s Wednesday Prompt – Evolving. Thank you, Jamie Dedes, for another thought provoking prompt! It started out optimistic but as the poem evolved, it was pulled in the opposite direction. Telling, isn’t it?


It sets us apart from other animals

The ability to grasp objects and concepts

To finely manipulate tools and other people

With this simple communication

We can catch a ride or point the way back

We can say Winner or Loser

With a twist of the wrist

For complexity

We now use them like beaks

Pecking letters that make or break relationships

The more it gets used

The faster it gets

Bypassing the higher brain

Thinking only of the print it wants to leave behind

Mayhap, flattened against the button

Signaling the start of the end

Of evolution.

©️ iido 2018