Niagara’s Gift – An Etheree

You opened the door to a darkened room

Only the colored waters tumbling,

Like my heart for your thoughtful gift,

Into the steamy cauldron

Of sacrifice, support

Commitment and strength

Only with you

Life’s barrels



This etheree was inspired by Hélène’s “What do you see?” Picture Prompt of a beautifully wrapped gift. Gifts can come in many types – some are concrete objects, others are experiences, while still others are words or emotions. Gifts are usually given for special occasions but the best ones, I think, are the ones given “just because”.

The other picture is the view from our hotel room this weekend – a gift from my loving, supportive hubby who also drove us all the way to Niagara Falls so I could run the the Niagara Falls International Women’s Half Marathon. The race will start in just 7 hours but I am awake with nervous energy. I did not train very well for this race and I just got a new shoes two days ago (since my old pair were completely destroyed) so I am not setting the bar too high on my finish time.

I did get to meet the trailblazing Katherine Switzer who is as lovely and kind as she is inspirational! She is 72 and still so vibrant! She told me that her ancestors were Germans who settled in the Lancaster, PA area and became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. Who knew?

I’m also starting the race with a group of wonderful women from Moms RUN this Town, not to mention the hundreds of other fabulous women who are running this race. So, I know that no matter my time tomorrow – I’m going to finish and feel accomplished!

But I also know I wouldn’t be here this weekend without the gift of my family supporting this crazy obsession of mine to run. So this race is for them…although I’m still keeping the medal all to myself.

©️ iido 2019

Contemplating Motherhood – An Etheree




By wipes, diapers

And cute, little clothes

I wonder if you thought

About this very moment

Contemplated this, what it means

To be full of life that will think you’re God

Dependent, trusting, loving and all yours.

This etheree honors my very pregnant niece and also responds to Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word #160 – Contemplation. Motherhood was something that I never thought of growing up. I wasn’t the type to play with baby dolls and I probably wasn’t the most nurturing big sister. When other girls would comb each other’s hair and play pretend family, I was off having adventures in my head – reading or writing about living in foreign countries doing extraordinary things.

My life is far from extraordinary yet I wouldn’t say it is less full – just full of laundry and laughter, cooking and cuddles. Having children changes you and I’m glad I didn’t think too hard about that before having them. If I did, I wonder if I would have had them at all.

©️ iido 2018