Contemplating Motherhood – An Etheree




By wipes, diapers

And cute, little clothes

I wonder if you thought

About this very moment

Contemplated this, what it means

To be full of life that will think you’re God

Dependent, trusting, loving and all yours.

This etheree honors my very pregnant niece and also responds to Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word #160 – Contemplation. Motherhood was something that I never thought of growing up. I wasn’t the type to play with baby dolls and I probably wasn’t the most nurturing big sister. When other girls would comb each other’s hair and play pretend family, I was off having adventures in my head – reading or writing about living in foreign countries doing extraordinary things.

My life is far from extraordinary yet I wouldn’t say it is less full – just full of laundry and laughter, cooking and cuddles. Having children changes you and I’m glad I didn’t think too hard about that before having them. If I did, I wonder if I would have had them at all.

©️ iido 2018