Last year on this date, in Charlottesville, racism, bigotry, hatred and violence came together in the form of the “Unite the right white pride/white nationalist rally”. Today, in Washington DC, this same rally took place in front of the White House. Despite a different outcome today, the fight for true equality, for an end to racism, in the United States continues.




American Eyes

If you look at me

Will you see

That I, too, love the home of the free

That allows me to say amen and glory be

Or praise be to Allah, or nothing at all.

Does it matter the words that answer God’s Call?

If you look at me

Will you see

That I, too, love the land of the brave

My police proud brother facing danger grave

My military friends who follow family around

Who silently weep when they’re put to rest in the ground.

If you look at me

Will you see

That I, too, support unalienable rights

So keep your guns but let’s not fight

There is only one flag that we should fly

Your rights shouldn’t mean that mine should die.

If you look at me

Will you see

Only what your hateful stare decrees

Instead of your eyes, turn your ears to me

Turn your heart to me

Reclaim that part of your humanity.

©️iido 2018

Canadian vs American

I’m talking distance, folks! Not who has the better leader or the better health care system. This blog is about running after all (not politics – unless it’s politics as it relates this mother runner).

A few weeks ago my BRF (best running friend) asked me if I wanted to run “10 at 7”. This did not seem like an unreasonable request – we had just run a marathon a few weeks ago and even if I had only gone running twice, maybe three times, since then, I thought “What’s 10 miles, if we need to walk, we’ll walk but we will get it done!”  

That same weekend, another mother runner from our Moms RUN this Town (MRTT) chapter needed to run 20 miles. “Perfect!” I thought. “We can run half of her distance with her so she wouldn’t have to run all of it alone.”

I texted my BRF. 

Me: Would you mind if we did our 10 miles with this other friend who needs 20 this weekend?

BRF: 10 miles? I thought we were doing a 10k….

Me: Oh no!! I was totally thinking American miles and not Canadian miles…

BRF: Lol! No worries! We can do 10 American miles – if we have to walk, we’ll walk!

My BRF is the BESTEST!!! Despite being from Canada and having a skewed sense of distance….

So four fabulous mother runners went out and did 10 (American) miles on a beautiful Saturday morning (with one fierce mother runner going on to do 19). 

And then this happened…..


Damn that American 0.1!