The Encounter – A Double Nonet

Struggling so hard to grow in this world

Reaching and stretching to the sun

Pushing between the stone cracks

Swaying in the warm breeze

Standing tall and free

Fragrant beauty


A touch





With gentleness

Feeling nature’s strength 

Wrapped in delicate green

Pink softness walks quietly

Whiskered and furry ball of purr

Sharing in a similar struggle

Image credit: Dimhou @ Pixabay
For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a black and white kitten playing with a green flower-bearing shoot growing in between the paving stones.

This adorable photo from Sadje’s What Do You See # 115 inspired this double nonet. I thought the form lent itself to the idea of a meeting between two different entities.

Writing this poem made me think a lot about other encounters I have had in the past years and how they’ve changed. Making small talk with a stranger used to be so easy, but now, this act seems “risky,” fraught with suspicion and caution. Do I strike up a conversation with the unmasked person in line with me? How do I do that if they can’t see my smile behind my mask? How do we signal to each other that we are open, “curious with gentleness” – that we want to get to know them and not to judge them? Tenderness and compassion seem to be in such short supply lately. When will we realize that we all share in a similar struggle?

©️ 2022 iido

16 thoughts on “The Encounter – A Double Nonet

  1. This nonet is marvelous, Irma. And your narrative makes me realize how lucky I am to live where I do during this never-ending pandemic. Here everyone just wears their mask. You get so you can tell when people are smiling; you see it in their eyes. But it’s also a place where people regularly smile at others, whether or not they know them. I am blessed.


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  3. The little kitten and the bud, such a warm feeling your poem brings forth.
    True, the world is a different place now, as we are confined, terrified with the state of affairs, worried sick, while all we need is compassion and some love. A few more days, I am hopeful.


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