Stolen Surprise – A Quadrille

It was a stolen dance

That pried back the layers

Of comfortable expectations

Leaving me 


To your hand reading the goosebumps written on my back

So when I swayed to 

Savor your strawberry lips

I was surprised 

By the ash on my tongue

Photo by lilartsy on

I was feeling unsettled tonight with too much going on (per usual) and not having enough time to re-center and connect with the parts of me that have nothing to do with parenting or working. As I was waiting to get my daughter from a class, I decided to open up WordPress (instead of doom scrolling on other social media which unfortunately has become my stress go to) and stumbled up Sarah’s dVerse Monday Quadrille prompt – Ash. It caught my eye because I have a story that I am working on with that title.

I then turned to one of my favorite inspirational writers and photographers and of course, Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge did not disappoint with #285 – Dance, #284 – Vulnerable, #283 – Layers, #283 – Stolen (I’m thinking he meant #283, 284, 285, and 286 – Patrick’s just trying to keep me on my toes since I am behind on my streak!). These were the four words I needed to make my quadrille have the requisite 44 words.

Life’s expectations have take a turn as most of you have probably also experienced. It has been like “ash on the tongue,” a phrase I had not heard about before but so succinctly describes the current state of my life. I feel as if I am still in shock daily with how people, places and activities that used to bring such joy are now sources of despair and anger. How do I get rid of this distasteful feeling? Is this part of the “new normal”? Do we have to learn to live with another endemic coronavirus? Do we have to learn to live with endemic people who believe in a stolen election and that being patriots means having guns and not caring about other people, especially those who don’t look like you?

If so, then I need to invest in some mouthwash.

©️ 2021 iido

32 thoughts on “Stolen Surprise – A Quadrille

    • Thank you, Patrick! I’ve missed reading your words and being transported to gorgeous places with your photos. How are you doing? Work? I don’t think life will ever go back to who it was in March 2020. 😢


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  2. far too long Irma, please keep your absences within limit … great poem and hopefully it was cathartic coz I’m guessing COVID 19 is here to stay.

    But then so is cancer, life, pain, chronic illnesses, mental health ailments … etc. It’s just another in a long list and if you’ve resorted to scrolling thru social media then that is stooping low! Please read some more cheerful things like WP posts that radiate love and good cheer 🙂

    Missed ya, hugs to you and the entire tribe!

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  3. Hi Irma. Great to read your posts my dear. Catching up with what’s been going on here as I ahve been busy and slowly getting back to writing more frequently now our country is heading to the “endemic ” phase. Ash on the tongue conjures distaste and revulsion, much like the taste of the news we hear and read. time to taste more of that strawberry I say. Hope you have been well otherwise. Take care, much love and blessings to you my dear.

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    • Hello! You have been missed but I totally understand how life can be. I think endemic is definitely the end result of this pandemic. Not exactly a sweet taste but maybe more palatable than what we have now. I have to catch up on lovely writings! Love and hugs to you as well, dear friend!


  4. An inquisitively flowing and ebbing poem Irma … very much like these frightful last 20 months … highs and lows, with distateful adjustments to our everyday ‘normal’ tasks … 🤗😊💛🌏

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  5. So there you are, Irma. Hurray!! It’s so good to “see” you back. What an unnerving photo to be inspired by! As always, I enjoy reading your reflections maybe even more than your poem. Hang in there. Hold tight to the kindness you encounter, it’s there. ❤️

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    • Hello Jane!! I actually found that photo because I didn’t have one of my own that went with the poem. Who knew what would come up when you search “tongue” and “ash” (just be sure you spell the latter with an “-sh” and NOT an “-ss”! 😂😂😳). I am forever on the search for kindness and glad to have found it with you and other WP writers. How are you doing? I have to look back on your blog and see how your run went!

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  6. So good to read your words again, Irma! Somehow ‘ash on the tongue’ reminded me of one of the first poems I read by you where you mentioned cigarette smoke.
    As always love your poem. The whole of September I was thinking of you (it being your birth month). Now that you are going to be here more often, I will try to post a reading of a Hindi poem that you asked for a couple of years back! 😅
    Hugs, my friend and welcome back.

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