Regret in Five Syllables

A letter unsent

A blog not posted

Kind words only thought

A hand not offered 

A meeting not kept

Resentment held tight 

A smile with just teeth

A shrug and eye roll

Blindfolds for the pain

A call not answered

A hug with no arms

Dessert not eaten 

Just five syllables

Can weigh down my heart

Red heart partially covered with a multicolored scrap of paper on a teal, mermaid tail embossed background. There's an orange scrap of paper to the left of the heart and three scraps of paper at the top that look  like multicolored clouds.
Untitled collage art created by Sophia Do (2021).
Used without permission from the artist but that’s because I’m her mom.

Hello Readers! The weeks fly by and, although my thoughts are in line and verse, by life does not follow that rhythm. I finally caught up with Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge with #265 – Unsent. Patrick seems to be on a hiatus as well so I will not worry about my streak. But I have also missed some wonderful prompts from Sadje and D’Verse and Kate and all the other places I find inspiration.

A life without inspiration is no way to live. Inspiration (and by extrapolation, hope) all point to some type of current connection – to a person, an idea – leading to something in the future. Without inspiration and hope, life would be meaningless. Why would we do the things we do? What inspires our behavior? What are we hoping to accomplish? What would we regret if we did not do it? Or would we regret it more if we did do it?

These questions run through my head as I work through all the projects I have going on right now. I’ve started a business and have expanded the amount of volunteer work that I am involved in. School is almost over so summer planning is underway. What I haven’t been able to do is run – my knee injury is still not healed but my elbow is feeling better. I haven’t cancelled my Spartan race though! Inspiration and hope…would I regret it more if I did or didn’t do it? What would you do?

©️ 2021 iido

16 thoughts on “Regret in Five Syllables

  1. hey sounds like life is running away with but I know you will catch up! Ease off those things not so important … running is an important ‘coping’ tool for you so best keep involved before you fry yourself 🙂

    Take care precious, you are only one so please don’t overdo it!

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  2. I am so happy to see you here Irma…i feel you…the past year has been very frustrating for all of us and i guess, our only means is to move forward…and seeing you here really warms my heart…😊😊😊hugss to you.

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  3. Irma, I think a lot of us are making up for “lost” time right now. I want to plan all the trips and do all the races. My advice is to go for it as long as it makes you happy. When it begins to become a burden, you will know it’s time to let go of some things. We only regret the runs we don’t do. That holds true for other aspects of life too.


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