Perpendicular Perspective – A Poem

You look down on me without realizing 

Your strength and beauty perfectly balanced 

From your perch 

A perpendicular perspective 

Your artist eyes watching 

My plateaued trajectory 

You don’t realize your wings are ready

To feel the air and lift

An arrow at the end of your line

Infinite, vertical 

Do not continue to look down

My line ends in a point

Flatlined living

Look up with your artist eyes

And imagine, create

Look up with your eagle eyes 

And focus, achieve

The scale has shifted

I look up at you and realize

You’re strength and beauty perfectly balanced 

Image credit: Sonny Mauricio
For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a bald eagle sitting in the bare branches of a tree. It is looking down at the camera

Hello! Hello! It’s been a while – over a month (yikes!) since I’ve last posted. I’ve been busy – and I’m excited to tell you with what – but first, I’m catching up…well, you know, catching up in my usual “late to the party” way…is there any other way? (cue eye-roll and self-deprecating facetiousness)

Three things inspired me with this poem. First, was this adorable picture from Sadje’s What do you see #73. I missed the deadline to be included in her round up, but you can read all the other wonderful submissions here. Second, was Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #268 – Scale and #269 – Perpendicular. Now, I have been a long time fan of Patrick’s challenges and am actually on a streak. Being the “competitive” person that I am, I will have to go back and complete the other challenges because there are no breaks when streaking!

Third, and probably the most meaningful inspiration for this poem is my older daughter who just self-published her first book at the tender age of 12! Yes – my daughter has published her own book before I have! At an age when I was consumed with awkwardness and other growing pains, my daughter has the self-confidence, the motivation, and the perseverance to spend this past pandemic year writing a book and designing and creating the cover art. She even did all the research for how she can self-publish it.

If you can’t tell, I am very proud of her and very much in awe of her accomplishment.

You can find her book on Amazon. She joins the ranks of other esteemed writers on WP such as Mich (see her book here) and Ivor (see his books here and here) and Chris (see one of her many books here).

©️ 2021 iido

18 thoughts on “Perpendicular Perspective – A Poem

  1. wow congrats Irma and Sophia! The cover looks alluring, the abstract engaging … may I please hire her if I ever venture there?

    that pic sure is enchanting and is so well portrayed in your poem Irma … maybe Sophia could put some of your poems together in 2 books? One for running and runfessions. And the second full of poems like this 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, Irma, how unbelievably exciting. No wonder you are proud, and you should be proud of yourself for being such a good role model. I love that it is the first in the series. That’s what I call strong self-motivation. And example of something very good to come out of living through a pandemic.

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  4. That is a wonderful accomplishment for your daughter. Her book sounds very intriguing and I love that it is the first in a series. Good for her. I have no doubt that you have been an excellent role model and teacher for her.

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  6. U have good reasons to be proud of Sophia.  Her accomplishments in writing and publishing remind me of finalists in the Science Talent Search: precocious kids doing STEM research at a level that could have been PhD-worthy back in my day.

    After reading this post, I looked outside and saw pileated woodpeckers in my yard, for the first time in years.  It was a welcome sign that Sophia and other precocious kids might inherit and repair a world that has not already been irretrievably trashed by the “adults” currently running it.

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