Country Road Running – a Haiku and Runfession #14, September 2020

trees, corn, silos, barns

running thorough paved history

my presence denied

I am so late for the September runfession! But I committed to documenting my monthly running achievements so here it is. Thanks again for to Marcia for this forum. I’ve read the other runfessions and definitely feel like a bump on a log this month.

Forgive me Nike for I have sinned…

I runfess…I definitely did not “just do it” this past month. Only thirty-seven miles! I remember when I used to do that in a week! Maybe 100 miles was a reach for September considering I had to get the kids started with school. My goal this month: 50 miles.

I runfess…I actually have two injuries – one running related – that has halted my ability to do strength training. The running related one is tennis elbow. You may be wondering how I hurt my elbow running – well, it’s a repeated use injury which started at last year’s Hershey Half Marathon where I carried a water bottle in my right hand in the pouring rain. Since that day, my elbow has been stiff and locks up and my forearm has weakness. This past spring, I had to take a steroid shot to alleviate some the pain but it’s returned. My other injury is a shoulder injury from doing too many mountain climbers (also from last summer when I was working with a personal trainer). Needless to say, I cannot do curls or overhead raises or anything involving any range of motion with my arms at this time.

I runfess…despite these setbacks, I am loving this fall weather and reading about how much running all the other women in my SRTT running group are doing. While we still haven’t done any official group runs, there have been some women who have gotten together for socially distant running. I miss running with my BRF and all the other awesome mother runners in our group! Spending time with other strong women was really something that motivated me and “filled my bucket.” My goal this month is to reconnect with my running tribe – whether it’s virtually or with some socially distant runs.

Whew…OK, that wasn’t too bad! I am always aware about not posting running related things on my blog. I feel my brain space has been taking up with pandemic parenting, issues of social/racial justice and now, getting people to vote in the upcoming USA elections.

I realize my lens has shifted – as evidenced by my haiku, even a beautiful walk in the country is colored by the history of racism and sexism in this country.

I would love to refocus on my running and health, but there just seems to be too many other important things happening that grabs my attention right now. I’m trying for balance as the scales tip all the way in one direction and then the other.

On November 3rd, 2020, I hope the universe realigns itself and gets back on course so I can get back on track.

©️ 2020 iido

8 thoughts on “Country Road Running – a Haiku and Runfession #14, September 2020

  1. ouch you are in the wars, hope you connect with your running group … I’ve totally enjoyed my socially distanced walks.

    Life goes on whatever happens in, after, because of that election. It will be fireworks which ever way it goes and the whole world if hoping you guys get it right … no pressure 🙂

    With that bigotry stuff I choose to let most of it go and just address issues directly as they arise in my presence … otherwise I would be forever tied in knots and life is too short for that. Some people are just plain ignorant … and I see that as their loss!

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    • I really appreciate your insights, Kate. You’re so right – life will go and it’s our attitude that will determine how we react. Letting go is definitely something I am practicing. That and growing a tougher skin!

      I bet your socially distant walks are calming and refreshing. Connecting with self is as important as connecting with others. ❤️

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  2. Tennis elbow and shoulder injuries can be such bummers! Have you tried applying ice pack to your elbow? It really helps.
    Don’t be too hard upon yourself. This year can never be what life till last year was. And each month new realities to grapple with.
    That haiku said so much!
    Take care, my friend. ❤️

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  3. I haven’t run for so long as well Irma…gyms are also closed so i am with my best work out buddy for a while now-my yoga mat.

    I just run for cardio but i really miss it. The air ..
    The wind..the nose outside as we run.

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