Hot Air Rises – A Nonet

Their fire exhaling passionate hope

Their dreams hidden in wickered hearts

No thorns to cause them to pop

Captured in weightless bulbs

Cloudless promises

Reaching higher

So many

So close


Ian Dooley- Unsplash
( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a sky full of hot air balloons in various colors. The nearest one shows a couple in the basket with an operator)

This nonet was written for Sadje’s What do you see? photo prompt #45 (hopefully not too late!). I also was able to incorporate Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #246 – Thorns.

I loved this image of hot air balloons rising. We have a hot air balloon company near us who take off from the local airport. My kids have loved seeing them float over our house. One time they got close enough that when we waved, the people in the basket waved back.

Hot air ballooning has always intrigued me. But it has also terrified me – flying high in the sky in a small basket, subject to the whims of wind. There are only two choices – sit at the bottom of the basket and try not to hyperventilate with fear, or stand up, turn your face to the wind and enjoy the scenery.

With the pandemic still going strong and the upcoming election, Iโ€™ve struggled with this choice. But the blue skies have been beckoning me…enjoy the ride and let my hope ride….

ยฉ๏ธ2020 iido

19 thoughts on “Hot Air Rises – A Nonet

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    • Same! Itโ€™s on my bucket list! There is a hot air ballon close to me that happens for a race I do but I donโ€™t think the number of balloons match Albuquerque. Iโ€™m still ruminating on your last prompt…

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  2. beautiful poem Irma.. and yes the pandemic is still going strong.. but we continue to pray and hope.. keep safe in there.
    how amazing it is to witness hot air balloons flying every now and then right at the comfort of your own home.. your kids must be very thrilled

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    • We live by an airport so we get a lot of air traffic (something we did not realize when we bought the house). Besides the silent beauty of hot air balloons, we get little buzzing propeller plans and sometimes bigger military planes. The overhead traffic can keep the kids entertained!

      You take care also! It must be great to be home despite everything…

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