Radiance Reviewed – A Poem

My radiance suffers

when I don’t sleep

and the bags under my eyes

carry tears and worries.


My radiance suffers

when I eat sour cream pringles

and bagels with cream cheese

then bemoan the cheese on my thighs.


My radiance suffers

when I have three kids on my one lap

and I don’t have enough

eyes and ears to share.


My radiance suffers

when I am googling and scrolling

and shoveling crap into my brain and soul

thinking it’s fertilizer instead of just shit.


My radiance suffers

when I don’t talk to an adult

besides with my thumbs

that can’t differentiate between sarcasm and snark.


My radiance suffers

My light gets dimmer

My flame flickers

But maybe

It is not my time to shine….

Playing catch up as the school year starts! There won’t be any “alone time” this year since my kids will all be learning from home so I’m trying to “find time” when I can. Right now, time is waiting in line for take out.

This poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and A Word Challenge #244 – Radiance. I’m a week or two behind but I’m committed to this streak!

Life is anything but radiant right now, so like reading and writing and running, I’m trying to find the glimmers when I can. My friend calls this “find grace” – for myself and others – during this time. It really does help find the “shine” in the heavy dullness of living during a pandemic. It’s the hope that I’m clinging to. It’s the priorities that I am mindfully choosing. It’s the gratitude for blessings that I am counting.

So while I may not yet be back to regular posts…I’m still here… and I appreciate your time in reading this….

©️ 2020 iido

11 thoughts on “Radiance Reviewed – A Poem

  1. glad to hear you are hanging in there and your life has changed so much but I’m sure your kids are better off being home schooled by you! It will be an emotional rollercoaster, tense, hectic but later you’ll look back and be so glad you did it!

    This poem will resonate with many, may I suggest you submit it to Spillwords? It needs to be shared 🙂

    I’ve been nominated author of the month over there and Mich for publication of the month … so we are asking mates to vote … only if you can lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 😉

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  2. Irma, you fill all of your readers (your fans and friends) with your radiance. Through your words, through your spirit that radiates through those words. Deep breaths. Maybe the “me time” you can carve out for yourself right now needs to be reserved for a glass of wine and some peace and quiet. Everything else will be there waiting for you, as will your fans! ❤️

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