To Mothers Making Tough Decisions – A Cinquain


With broken heart

Your knowing eyes loving

Despite fearing unknown chaos


Image credit; Lucas Pezeta at Pexels
( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows face of a woman. It is painted with luminous glitter paint and the features are highlighted with bright yellow lines, ending in a question mark on the forehead)

Joining Sadje’s “What do you see?” picture prompt #42 this week with the beautiful picture above. I would have loved to know where this picture was taken, if it was for a special ceremony or celebration. The colors are so vibrant against the black background – they seem illuminated even on my computer screen. And the design – does it allude to the “third eye” or does it have some other symbolic meaning?

It’s the person’s gaze in the picture that drew me in. I made the assumption that it was a feminine face, but I could be totally wrong since there are no other indicators of gender. As with any picture, our interpretation really reflects more of who we are and our point of views/filters/biases than on what the artist’s intent is.

The gaze in this picture speaks to resignation – knowing something and accepting it. I am hoping it is a compassionate resignation – knowing the decision made is done with the best intentions and understanding of the current data.

I would like to imagine that this is the look that I have right now. I would like to imagine that it’s the same look mothers/caregivers all over the United States have, after making the difficult decision of whether to send their kids to in-person school or attempt learning from home. I would like to imagine that we are looking at each other with this compassionate resignation and also with the unspoken promise of support no matter the outcome.

The first word of this poem could also be replaced with “Teachers” and the last word would remain the same, “Heroes”. I know our teachers are also struggling with the difficult decision of return to school – for themselves and their children. Again – I bestow the look of compassionate resignation and the promise of support for the following school year.

As this pandemic continues and many of us are feeling the fatigue of continuing with safety measures, let’s practice this compassionate look above our masks. Our eyes can convey hope as easily as contempt.

©️ 2020 iido

8 thoughts on “To Mothers Making Tough Decisions – A Cinquain

  1. love your take on this image and your post is stating such a profound truth. I got the image from pexels but it didn’t say where it was taken. Thanks for joining in the challenge


  2. Ahhh Irma my heart as a mom is celebrating at how profound this is …while my other self, the teacher, the educator is also very grateful of you…i hope we all think this way..we need to cooperate …


  3. another powerful insight Irma, you have such a big kind heart! You’ve made the right decision and everyone should support each other as we muddle thru this together ❤

    I believe that mark on the forehead is a Hindu symbol, maybe your Indian readers can clarify? I also love the colours and brightness 🙂

    I also appreciate your commentaries after your poems and have read others who do something similar, as it appeals I'm wondering if I will try it 🙂


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