Run Time – A Haibun and Runfession #12, July 2020

I press the button right before our feet step off the driveway – Run Time! This has become our nightly ritual – our mother/daughter walks becoming mother/daughter runs over the span of this summer. I wanted our time together to give me a portal into your world – my own TARDIS into teenager-hood. 

Instead, we went from walking to running then sprinting – at least for me. Your time went from a 20 minute mile to a 17 minute mile and then a 12 minute mile. This is my regular middle of the pack pace, a pace I love and can do forever even while talking. But you, my dear daughter, pushed the pace and me – faster and faster. Your current time is a 10 minute mile – too fast for your old mum to catch you and ask about the two hour talk you had with your friend who’s a boy. 

Today, you almost broke into a 9 minute mile, but instead, you slowed down and waited for me to catch up, noting how much slower I am running. “Is this what happens when you get older?” you ask. Does she glimpse her future through the portal of my sweat stained face?  We walk the rest of the mile, time unknown, the portal propped open.

Summer sun fading

Time passes through the portal 

The sunflower weeps

In the spirit of Renard’s post, I am not going to apologizing for not posting at all in the past week. To be honest, I didn’t even realize it had been over a week since my last post. It was only when I realized that I had missed two prompts from Patrick and Sadje that I looked at my calendar – oh, how time files when you’re feeling stressed!

This haibun and runfession incorporates Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #242 – Time and #243 – Portal (I’m still on the streak!!). It’s not a traditional haibun, but it does capture a new tradition for my daughter and I which I will gladly runfess! Thanks to Marcia for the Runfession forum – I didn’t get a chance to link up this month, but I’ll catch up for next!

Forgive me Brooks for I have sinned….

I runfess….my daughter is now running faster than me and has logged more miles than I have in the past month. I am proud of her yet frustrated at myself for not being as consistent as she has. On the days when we can’t run outside, she runs on the treadmill downstairs or runs around the house (literally, she is running up and down the stairs, doing laps around the kitchen island, running in circles around her siblings) while I’m making dinner or doing laundry or doing some other mom-ming duty. These are the things that I put aside when I run with her outside. While I do cherish the one on one time I can spend with her, this usually means dinner is later or I’m folding laundry until midnight. Still, I love seeing her persistence and pride in getting her mile in and getting faster.

I runfess….I’ve set a goal of hitting 100 miles in August. It’s sinking in that we are already a week in and I haven’t meet my weekly mileage for this past week. I know this is due to stressing out about whether to send my kids to school or not. I have been doing research on the computer, talking to local friends who are doctors or teachers about what they’re doing, reaching out to people for their take on the situation. It’s a lot of information and I have not yet made peace with our decision which is due tomorrow. This week though, I am getting back on track! I’ll report back at the end of August!

I runfess…I really miss races! Let me clarify, I really miss the EXPO before big races! I loved getting the free stuff and trying out new gels and drinks, getting great discounts for signing up for races. I loved meeting up with other MRTT/SRTT members and “carb loading” after getting our swag. I even loved getting the race shirt that never seemed to fit right. There was always that buzzing excitement of all these people coming together for one purpose. There is really nothing like it! I miss that.

There are so many things I miss about “pre-pandemic running.” There are so many things I miss about “pre-pandemic life”!! Still, this time has brought about some positive changes (as well as some negative). This coming month, I’m choosing to focus on these positives. Like the sunflower that re-orients itself to the east at night so it can catch the first rays of the sunrise, I am re-orienting my mindset after making this stressful school decision. Here’s to the sunrise!

©️ 2020 iido

18 thoughts on “Run Time – A Haibun and Runfession #12, July 2020

  1. so you are leaving us in suspense about your decision, unfair!

    Yes I also rather like sunflowers, not that you’d guess 🙂

    Glad you and daughter are running together but my question would be why aren’t your kids doing chores? She could be helping you much more so that you had more time to run … We had chores as kids and it taught us heaps. Kids that don’t get chores often really struggle when they leave home!

    Unless they are guys who expect their wives to fulfil mums role, absolute servant 😦

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    • I totally agree with you about chores! The kids do help with chores – she has to get hers done before she runs but the younger ones are not old enough to be responsible for a full dinner prep. Chores are a work in progress for them (and sometimes more work for me but we keep plugging along!).

      Hubby does his fair share. I dissuaded that notion of “men don’t do house work” when we first got married!

      As for school, we’ve decided to start off with virtual schooling for all the kids. Hope it’s the right decision! 🌻🌻

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  2. Wow Irma, I’m very envious of you being able to get out and about… I’m in lockdown and isolation again… at least another 6 weeks they say !! .. What I’ve worked out over last 6 months, .. is as long as I’m doing something, it’s a lot better than nothing…. and I’ve stopped setting myself targets… they become a goal/ goldfish bowl full of disappointment and anxiety…. I’m learning how to find a stable place for me, between physical fitness, and mental fitness….. ((Hugs))

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  3. Miss running with you friend!! Glad to hear your daughter is picking up the running bug. I know you were hoping that one of them would follow in your footsteps. And quality time with kids is always good for the soul. I love when Z wants to take a walk with me and we can chat, but it is hard to get him to actually want to go for a walk. There are times when I get him to walk and he is mad that I made him walk and those walks aren’t the kind I enjoy.

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    • Yes, I tried to bring the other kids but whining and running don’t mix! At least kid whining – when I run and whine with you that’s totally different! 😂😂 Miss running with you too. Let’s plan a weekend socially distant run soon!


  4. I LOVE this runfession, Irma. How awesome that you got your daughter running. It sounds like she’s hooked! It’s too bad that the hope for bonding time got lost in her enthusiasm to run at her own speed, but how cool that her Mom turned her on to running! 100 miles in August is a lot of miles when it’s so hot. Be careful! Just enjoy the miles you can do. ❤️

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    • Thank you, Jane! I am glad to inspire her but seeing her take off is bittersweet. I know it’s a mom’s lot in life to “let go” but still… the heat has been oppressive some days. That’s when my daughter runs in circles inside the house and I can cheer her on from the sofa. How is your shoulder doing, by the way?

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      • I hope you don’t run when the heat is oppressive; it’s too much stress on your body!! I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel wrt my shoulder, I’m very pleased to report. Thanks for asking. Now if I could only start running again. 13 minute miles would be fine! I’d take 14 minute!! 😏

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  5. Here’s to the sunrise and adapting like the sunflower! ❤️
    Gosh! It must be so heartwarming to see your daughter’s dedication. So good you both are bonding over running. But to be beaten by her must be bittersweet. Argh age!!
    As far as school is concerned, there are talks here that the government is planning on reopening schools from September in phased manner and staggered hours. I might send my daughter, who is in the last year of high school. But there is no way I am going to send the younger one. He cannot stay masked for 2-3 hours and he hasn’t grasped the enormity of this pandemic. So even if schools reopen he will stay home.

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    • Yes, I think older kids would do better with the changes that schools would need to implement for safety. Plus this would be your daughter’s last year! I’m sure she would not want to miss her friends and other last year activities.

      Here they are saying that the youngest ones don’t need as many safety measures “since they don’t get as sick”. What?!! So my 5 year old doesn’t need to mask and can go back full time? No, thank you!! Even if children don’t exhibit symptoms they can be carriers. And I would not want to chance my baby getting sick!

      So we are doing virtual schooling for this first semester and see how things go. Am I being too hopeful in thinking that by January, things will be better?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am with you on that hope, Irma. Maybe the new year will usher in good news.

        How utterly stupid to say that the youngest ones do not need as many safety measures!! Are they to be the guinea pigs to see how vulnerable they are?

        Virtual is the way to go right now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that by early next year the worst would be over.

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