What’s on the Line? – A Cinquain

Line up

Six feet apart

Mask over mouth and nose

March together or die alone


From Ascension Facebook Page – Posted on July 4, 2020

Another cinquain! This one was prompted by Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #240 – Line.

I thought of the many ways that “line” has been used in various phrases: toeing the line, lineup, on the line, line by line, hook, line and sinker. In Montessori, children are taught to “walk on the line” as part of their practical life teaching. This is a way for them to practice how to control their bodies and develops their sense of balance and concentration.

I think about this as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage in the United States of America, especially in states that haven’t mandated the use of masks. This past week, Robert Redfield, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stated, “I think if we could get everybody to wear a mask right now, I think in four, six, eight weeks we could bring this epidemic under control.” So why aren’t people doing it? Why are there numerous videos of adults (yes, grown ups! People over 25!!) having tantrums in public places when asked to wear a mask?

I won’t go into the pros and cons of mask wearing here. It shouldn’t even be a matter of political beliefs. I will just point out that comic book superheroes wear masks to protect their loved ones. And our health care heroes definitely wear masks.

There’s no need to read between the lines – right now, when you’re leaving your house, everyone should just wear a mask!

©️ 2020 iido

20 thoughts on “What’s on the Line? – A Cinquain

  1. To be honest the first line immediately made me think of school kids! Wearing a mask is a no-brainer, I wonder why people have to be told and there are debates on it!

    You always say things that are so important in such a poetic way. Hope you all are fine, Irma.

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  2. ahhh Irma this is a very lovely message…and so true, yet I don’t know why their are so many debates about this. when we were young we were told to cover our face when we sneeze or cough.. so its basically the same we use mask for that reason

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  3. Yes, it’s the only way, to keep the pandemic from spreading, and yet, NOT everyone is, willing, to follow these rules, unless, the government issued a SERVER punishment (i.e. fine, jail time, etc., etc., etc.) or until those who don’t wear the surgical masks lose someone close to the epidemic, then, that’s when people finally start taking this SERIOUSLY enough.

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  5. Well said, Irma!

    Cigarette smokers once claimed the right to light up wherever the pleased. In the end, public safety (multiplied by the looming threat of 9 figure liability lawsuits) won out.

    No individual has the right to potentially toxify the air other people breathe.

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