Petition – A Cinquain

Come down

From your tower

Eat our food. Wash our feet.

Suffer our love. Live our losses.


Image credit- Stefan Keller- Pixabay 
( For visually challenged reader, the image shows an old bearded man standing on a stone staircase that is leading to a tower. In the background you can see mountains enshrouded in clouds)

Another beautiful prompt from Sadje’s “What do you see?” #38. This one has a Merlin/Harry Potter feel to it, but for me, it spoke more in terms of the “Ivory Tower” and thinking of the disconnect between those making the rules and those who have to enforce the rules and the those who are meant to follow the rules. So often, those three groups are not the same people.

As a social worker, one of the first things that I learned is to “start where the client is,” meaning that people are the experts of their life and that in order to effect change, we need the input of our clients as well as their buy-in to what that change will be. It can’t just be me/the therapist making rules that I expect my client to follow. Good therapy means that the client makes their own rules, enforces these rules and (because they made it themselves), follow these rules to make improvements in their lives.

On a macro level, it always amazes me to see how many systems don’t follow this format. For example, all the men who are making rules about what women a can and can’t do with our bodies or all the non-teachers who are deciding what whether or not to re-open schools during the pandemic. I see this happening on a personal level with my children’s school where the administration is making plans for re-opening without consulting teachers or parents/families regarding needs and concerns.

When will we require our leaders, the rule makers in our lives, to come down from their ivory tower and bear witness?

©️ 2020 iido

20 thoughts on “Petition – A Cinquain

  1. poetic with simple startling words – Irma you used the form to contrast and highlight – such powerful writing. You narrative reminded me of a time when we were constructing a new treatment room – being on the planning committee and also end user I put in suggestions and was told off by a non clinical person that a sink was a waste of space – I then had to tell him a story to emphasis the necessity – suffice to say we have a sink in all clinical areas now. you bring awareness right to the reader and delivered with such grace and eloquence.


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    • Yes, I think leaders forget that they would only be leaders if they had people following them. And people forget that just because someone is in front (or on top), it doesn’t mean they should be in charge.

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