Winging It – A Cinquain


Down – time for sleep

Whining soothed – breathing deep

Tomorrow – promises to keep


A beautiful sunset –
The reward for surviving the day

It is 1 AM where I am and I’ve been thinking all week about Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #239 – Winding. I was just about to give up when this little cinquain popped into my head. I love playing with words and sounds and the “W” sound in winding, whining, winning and winging, made me happy. Also – all those W words have all the same letters except for one! I’m sure there’s a lesson somewhere in there about perspective and mindset (how changing one thing can change the whole meaning, etc.) but we won’t get into that today.

If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts, being a parent in the middle of a pandemic is HARD! However, there are days that feel less hard and there are also days that feel incredible.

Today was a less hard day.

As I look at my “To Do” list for this coming week (reading blog posts and responding to comments are on there!), I was reminded by my Papa, that I’m doing the best I can. My kids are doing the best they can. We all are doing the best we can with the resources and information that we have.

I am adding being kind to myself and my family on to my “To Do” list for this week. You should too! If you need another reason why, check out Kate’s thoroughly convincing open letter post!

Sometimes you have to start with small goals…

©️ 2020 iido

16 thoughts on “Winging It – A Cinquain

  1. Love our cinquain with all the ‘w’ words, love that kind of word play … glad some days are a bit easier! That is a stunning sunset and I’m also impressed with the number of trees you have about, how lovely 🙂

    Thanks for including that link .. take care precious. My thoughts and prayers are with you, all parents and everyone generally who really are having a tough time of it.

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  2. your gift of words is really impressive Irma…

    being a mom is really hard, yes its true some days are bad some days are good, but your papa is right you are doing the best you can and it evident in every story you tell about your adorable kids.

    the pandemic is still not going away soon as even back home our beloved PH has hit the 50k mark of cases…

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    • Thank you, Mich! Motherhood is the hardest job!

      Our numbers in the USA are still rising! Some people do not want to take even the most basic precautions like wearing masks and keeping distance. I fear we will still be dealing with this virus for at least another year if not more. Hope you and you’re family are staying safe and well!

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      • Ours back home too is not going down Irma….there is a joke running around “we are happy that we have flattened the curve- top curve”…lol

        I just hope we can all be extra careful and take the necessary and basic requirement such as wearing the mask

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  4. funnily I have been playing with words much like this and its heartwarming to see a friend having the same inspiration. adding “kind” to a to do list is pure love from your heart to others. We do take kindness for granted, we want it but are selfish giving it out. You are a beautiful soul Irma – everything about you just shines.


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