Prayer to a Hummingbird – A Cinquain

Wise one

Without worries

Knowing that God provides

Help me follow your example


Image credit- Stefan Keller – Pixabay 
( For visually challenged reader, the image shows a woman holding her hands in supplication. In front of her a hummingbird is hovering in air. There are flowers in the background)

This cinquain was written for Sadje’s “What do you see?” picture prompt. This is the first cinquain that I’ve written. Like haiku and other forms that have a syllabic structure, I was really drawn to the challenge!

When I saw this picture, I was reminded of the Bible verse, Matthew Ch. 6, verses 25-34. Truthfully, this verse has been on my mind a lot. It’s mid-July and our school hasn’t said anything about what their plans are going to be for the fall. Are they going to have in-person classes? If so, what are the plans for preventing the spread of the coronavirus? What will they do if a child or teacher gets infected? If they decide to not have in-person classes, how will they structure virtual classes? Since I am not working outside the house, having to “homeschool” the kids won’t be that difficult of an adjustment, however, I know my kids miss the social aspect of going to school.

There have been so many unknowns in terms of what to do to mitigate the effects of this pandemic. The lack of leadership in the USA, coupled with the lack of compassion and long-term thinking of the population has made this worrisome time even more so. None of the articles that I have read and none of the experts I have listened to have given me any insight into what to do to keep my kids safe when school starts in the fall.

I hate feeling helpless. I don’t want to feel hopeless.

So, I’ve been praying – which doesn’t help with coming up with a solution, but it does help relieve some of my anxiety. Oh, to be a hummingbird, right now!

©️ 2020 iido

27 thoughts on “Prayer to a Hummingbird – A Cinquain

  1. Indeed, to be a hummingbird now! What a lovely prayer, Irma, I loved the alliteration!
    Here the new session commences in April. Since we were in lockdown then, virtual classes were being conducted by most schools. After a month long break, schools reopened on 1st July and virtual classes are held 5 days a week. The govt. has made clear there is no possibility of regular school before September.

    My younger one is missing the social contact very much and is usually distracted during the classes. Sigh…I wish I had a crystal ball!!

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    • Yes! A crystal ball would be so helpful! It is the uncertainty that is most anxiety provoking. I am glad there is a virtual option – some schools here are not doing that so the chores are send your kids to school to possibly become sick or homeschool. 😢

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      • Oh! That’s bad! Here all schools, colleges and universities are conducting virtual classes.
        But the uncertainty persists. The only solace one can draw is that we are all in it together and someday this will end!


  2. I love that you said prayers wont help provide solution but really relieves our anxiety..this is so true Irma…3rd month of being away from my girls and arhhhhhh its really getting on my nerves…..

    And like you i too am hoping, wanting for more information please..and when you are a mom you cant help but be helpless

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    • As a mom, that helpless feeling is the worse! My heart breaks with yours that you can’t see your girls. Hopefully soon…and yes, prayers may not provide a solution, but the solace is comforting…

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  3. wise heartfelt prayer … sorry that all you Mothers are feeling frustrated and helpless … the leadership has been slack but the fact is that there are no real answers to give! Everyday they learn a bit more and this makes previous advise incorrect … it’s a quagmire of learning.

    Here in oz we thought we were on top of it and now we have a second wave … one state is in lockdown again and maybe my state soon.

    So prayers and beliefs can distract but truth is they really don’t know … there is nothing to reassure. Most kids seem safe from it but hopefully your state will make the wisest decision for your kids … if you have no faith in them then make your own decision to keep your kids safe 🙂

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    • Wise words, Kate! I fear it is up to individuals to use their own best judgement since “leadership” is so untrustworthy.

      I’m sorry to hear about the 2nd wave hitting Oz – I think it’s inevitable, everywhere is going to get hit again especially if people are not wearing masks and following other safety protocols. For us, we haven’t even gotten out of the first wave and it’s really bad.

      Stay safe and well, Aunty Kate!

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  6. To begin with, just wanted to say I have no school age children. I understand your anxiety is mostly due to unknowns in relation to education of your school. The leaders of local and state governments can not or not deciding as they themselves do not know what to do. Any decision they make will always have some people agreeing and disagreeing. So they do not want to be blamed for whatever consequences will come after plus the political considerations.
    So since your family is different from all others, your fears, goals, social and other personal consideration decide/plan for what you like to happen. You can always change the plan if something better or one you agree with comes.
    Say you want they to go to school, so do not say you are scrade for them or you might get sick. Say you do nit want them to go to school. So prepare for that. Get lesson plan state or district dept of education. Get cuciculum for that grade level.
    Talk it over with spouse, decide, plan, act on it. And finally OWN IT. You cannot go wrong. You did your best and you cannot do better than you best.

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    • True, Papa – we can only make decisions best on what we know. After taking everything into consideration, ultimately, we will have to decide because even a not making a choice is, in itself a decision. ❤️


  7. your first cinquain? really? this was exquisite – a prayer cinquain – perfect Irma – I would never have seen it fit so perfectly than how you have just done it – I have since read your other cinquain and you are brilliant at this for. it does seems like a prayer now I have seen yours, genius dear! never underestimate the power of prayer, it is as much for us as it is for the one we are praying to and for. When we uplift anything in prayer, our Father who already knows our heart, listen to our conversation with Him and shows us a way. And the one we prayed for receives a blessing. I really loved this Cinquain.


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