Moon Phases – A Poem

Moonbeams shine through the window

Highlighting hands in circular motion

Scccrrruuuubbb, sccccrrruuuuubbb,

The sound elongating on each orbital pass

Along the Corelle plane

Muffling the hopeful crinkle of suds


She looks out the window

Her eyes following the moon path

Russsstling, russssssstling

Wrestling with her mind to focus on the task

She looks down at the wet line along her shirt waist

Pointing to the needy stack of temporary satiation


Slowly, her hands stop their motion

And she lifts up her right hand to

Capture the moonlight upon her palm

She watches the shadows play hide and seek 

And feels the pull of Artemis to abandon her post

An arrow pierces her heart 

And she holds her breath in realization


Quickly, she presses her face to the window

Her breath now fogs up the glass

HAAAAAAAAAA, haaaaaaaa…….Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

The cooling pressure reminding her

The moon is cold and lonely like a clean plate 

She notices the front of her shirt is wet


This poem was inspired by Patrick’s Pic and a Word Prompt #230 – Moon. I took this photo of the moon on a cloudy night this week. It looks so far away….

When I was thinking about this poem, I actually was washing dishes and looking out the window – this was after dinner, when the kids were still up and about and not at all tired enough for bed. The noise was daytime loud. There was nothing in particular that happened to make the day “bad” and even their after dinner/before bedtime squabbling wasn’t particularly bothersome. I was just waiting for the day to be over, so I could have some time for myself (sorry, Hubby).

It was only after all the kids (and Hubby) were in bed and the house was silent that I was able to formulate into words and phrases what that moment was like – a moment that I’m sure many mothers (and maybe some fathers) have experienced. It’s these moments that people always tell you to be grateful for because they will be gone soon enough.  It’s these moments that you try your hardest to accept as just a phase of life. 

I was reminded about a quote from St. Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa, who said, “Wash the plate not because it is dirty nor because you are told to wash it, but because you love the person who will use it next.” Yet what if you’re having a hard time loving any of the potential people who will use the dish next because they are arguing about who’s turn it is to pick a show to watch while getting sticky ice cream and cake crumbs all over the couch? (It was supposed to be a nice treat….)  Maybe it takes a saint to not answer Artemis’ call….


© 2020 iido


26 thoughts on “Moon Phases – A Poem

  1. really beautiful contemplation resulting in an exquisite poem, I do believe you took Mother Theresa’s advice to heart, in all you do, it is with thought for who comes next. I love the Corelle plane, many a time I have scrubbed problems along it’s face too. A mindless task now becomes almost a sacred meditative pose. Love this work Irma, love you and how you touch my heart with your wonderful poems.

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    • Your words touch my heart! Thank you for the encouragement. Those Corelle plates were my mother’s and thinking about her washing them for me when I was a child helps make the task easier. They were still in great condition when she gave them to me. Now it makes me wonder how often she scrubbed them contemplating problems. ❤️


  2. Ahhhhhh dear Irna…i always always love your honesty sugar coating of how you really feel about the situation. Kids and responsibilities at home as mom is most of the time ..i totally get that ..back in the days when my kids were small and everythings just seemed to overwhelm me..i ‘d lock my bedroom for a few minutes and just scream or cry..l..then i’d be and looking back that they are now young adults and are all capable of looking after themselves, i still cant believe how i made it with flying colors..😚😚😚

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  3. your express yourself so well and it resonates with all parents … there is no right or wrong just patience and love … all this will pass too!

    Keep sharing your deep moments, they shed light for all ❤

    take care precious xx

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  4. Here endeth the lesson… on how to write a poem while doing the dishes, looking through the window at the moon ??….. I think we need some Music Irma….


  5. Irma, what can I say what others haven’t or I haven’t said before! It is like you have written my story. Always love how the mundane and the ordinary becomes something profound and esoteric in your words. Love it.

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  7. lovely blog with such skillful writing …enjoyed your poem for Jamie Dedes prompt and Oh what similarities of home circumstances in your recount. I too am only able to write when all is silent , tv off, hubby asleep, though we two are the only ones in the house but still..

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