You Are Here – A Rhyming Poem

“Mama! Where are you?” 

My little boy cried

Standing by the toilet, 

At least he tried.

“I am here,” I say,

With mop in hand

Doing the job 

That I can’t stand.

“Honey! Where are you?” 

My love seeks me out

“I’m back from fishing 

With some huge trout!”

“I’m here,” I say, 

Fingers newly manicured

They’ll be chipped by dinner

That’s now ensured.

“Sweetie, where are you?” 

My mom’s on the line

“If you don’t call, 

How do I know you’re fine?”

“I’m here,” I sigh, 

On my errand drive.

Now, another stop, 

Will I be done by five?

“Oh, there, you are!”

My friend, from the school

Holding signs to fundraise

For the new pool

“I’m here,” I offer,

Accepting the task

I draw smiley faces,

That match my mask.

“I’m tired, I need rest,”

I hide in the shower

“Being there is so draining,”

My energy dips lower.

“I am here,” a voice whispers

“And you are here, too.

I can help you through this.

I’m here for you.”

I raise my eyes

To the Light from above

And feel myself

Wrapped up in His love

My strength renewed,

I cried without fear.

My heart knew the truth:

Alleluia! You are here!


I’ve been missing the deadlines for Sadje’s “What Do You See?” picture prompts the past few weeks. Saturday was coming up so fast! But maybe that was because I was losing track of the days…

This week’s picture prompt for Sadje’s “What Do You See?” #24 is a photo with a neon sign that reads “You are here” against a blurred city background. It immediately made me think of the Catholic hymn, “Here I Am, Lord,” and one of my favorite stories from the Bible.

It also made me think of how often I am called every day – not by God (at least, I don’t think it’s Him, although, maybe it is…) but by my children, my hubby, my parents, my siblings, my friends, people who aren’t my friends.  Especially now, being home all day, every day – I can’t escape the “needs” (because “demands” seem too harsh) of the people and situations arounds me.  FYI – the hiding in the bathroom part of the poem is based on  a true story.

The hearing of God’s voice is also true, although not as dramatic. I haven’t actually heard His voice, but I have gone to mass (so much easier to do now that all it entails is just turning on the TV) and have come across several serendipitous articles that speak to God’s role as Compassionate Comforter.  With all the uncertainty and fear in the world, I have found myself turning to the One Constant in this world.  Indeed, nothing has changed with mass since I was child – the order of sitting, standing, kneeling is still the same; what the Priest says during the consecration is the same; the hymns are the same; that message of unconditional love is the same.

I know many people have rightful concerns and issues about the Catholic Church. I was even thinking of putting a trigger warning at the start of this post because I know some of my readers feel very strongly about the corruption in the Catholic Church especially with regards to the cover-up of child sexual abuse (please let me know if I should have).

And I agree – the part of the Church that is made by man is terribly flawed. But the spiritual part is not (at least in my opinion). The consistent message of hope and love is not.

And right now, it’s that message of hope and love, that is helping me through this shelter in place.

Happy Easter to my Christian readers! Chag Pesach Sameach to my Jewish readers!


(c) 2020 iido

27 thoughts on “You Are Here – A Rhyming Poem

  1. Pingback: Sharing response to the prompt, What do you see; by Irma- You Are Here – A Rhyming Poem – Keep it alive

  2. yes, my mother claimed she was going to change her name … from “mum” 😉 too many crying out for her!

    Personally I do believe the catholic church is a criminal organisation for enabling the continuation of sexual abuse but then I’ve worked with those survivors still living for years. No warning needed, faith is a great comfort and I’m glad yours is strong ❤

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    • Yes, abuse of any kind is criminal no matter the perpetrators, as is the covering up and enabling of those crimes. I did not realize how involved you were with helping survivors recover. That makes me love you even more! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • not now, but I did child protection work for years … my worst cases were the salvos. Then a lot of trauma work with war veterans and abuse survivors … they never recover and not once have I heard a priest perp or the church voice concern for the damage done! Here the courts ordered them to pay compensation … years later they still haven’t ?

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  3. I share your faith Irma. I too believed in the many flaws it has but the faith that i grew up with has undeniably helped me through tough (er) times

    May the ressuction of our Lord Jesus brings us comfort.

    Happe Easter Irma.

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  4. Irma, you have such a way with your poetry; conveying so much with so little. Truly well done. And I really appreciate how you express the importance of your faith to you, but acknowledging the many egregious actions of the man-made church organization. I’m not a church-goer myself, but I have respect for those who do, none more than those can explain it as you have. No need for a disclaimer! Happy Easter.

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    • Thank you for recognizing that, Jane! I know religion (like politics) can be such a charged topic and I would not want to be divisive or thoughtless, especially at this time. I appreciate your support and kind words!

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  5. That was a well-crafted poem that was fun, heartfelt, and moving.

    While I’ve no use for religion (especially man’s perversion of it), I admire your faith and the strength it gives you. I can feel your kindness though your words. No trigger warning needed, but the fact that you worried about it tells me all I need to know about the strong sense of morality which guides you. 🙂

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