Running Under Quarantine – A Quadrille

Running under quarantine,



Like a thief who didn’t

Get away with


I pass

Closed parks,

Closed shops,

Closed hearts.

I pass

Suspicious eyes

Above smiley face emoji masks.

I return home relieved

Not refreshed.

I can’t run away

From racism’s virus.


I’ve been missing poetry prompt deadlines on WordPress because…coronavirus…what else is there to blame all the ills of world on?  Even though some of those ills have been going on for generations…

This quadrille was written for De Jackson at dVerse’s Quadrille #101 – Close and also incorporates Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #226 – Running and #227 – Running (I’m late for one, but “early” for the other…what is this world coming to?? =). Seriously though, if you get a chance to read Patrick’s musing on this post about social distancing, please do. His melancholy acceptance makes so much sense.

I, on the other hand, have not yet reached that point. I am still grieving and shaking my fist at the air, asking “Why? Why? Why?” I am also shaking my fist at the news and giving a one finger salute whenever a specific person and/or his “loyal followers”  minimizes the impact of this pandemic. So, despite trying to do all the “right” things to come to terms with current situation, the struggle continues.

Running does help, as does any physical activity, especially outside.  This week, the kids and I have gone on scavenger hunts, had two dance parties and taken walks (can you guess which are outside versus inside activities?).  I’ve done most of my running on the treadmill, though, as the kids haven’t wanted to venture out too far on our walks. I fear that I have put the fear of the virus in them, and they are worried about venturing too far from home.

While this virus is a “new” real threat, it does feel like the “old” real threat of racism which has been a pandemic in the USA since the Pilgrims set foot in the “New World”. Since the first reported outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been a correlated increase in the incidents of hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans. Racism in the USA can also be blamed for why people of color (especially Black men) might not be comfortable wearing masks at this time, and also why more people of color are dying from COVID-19 relative to the number of people in the general population. Disparities in all aspects of US society are being laid bare by this pandemic (read more about this here, here and here).

So, I too, worry about running outside alone, with or without a mask. The threat is real as evidence by the data – that’s true whether it’s racism or COVID-19.


(c) 2020 iido

28 thoughts on “Running Under Quarantine – A Quadrille

  1. thank you for sharing your side of the story, we read news yet its always best first hand. firstly we must protect ourselves and family, physically and mentally. you are right to worry about instilling fear in your kids, we can rationalize but they can’t. you are doing all the right things. I am not going to comment on the racism bit, its hurtful and cowardly, enough said. Take care my friend, will rely your email tonight. Much love to you.

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  2. It’s truly awaful, as the leaders of certain governments (not naming any names here…), worsen the situation, leading the people, by example, to discriminate against people of, certain races, certain colors, it makes me wonder, if Asians get labeled as MERS-CoV, then, it would be okay, for people to, start pointing at blacks (politically-correct as African-Americans) ad AIDS/HIV, or even, whites (Europeans), as Bubonic Plague, right??? This is just,BULLSHIT, if you ask me.

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  3. A powerful and meaningful Quadrille Irma…. these are certainly testing times….. staying calm and positive is essential, and being personally vigilant is important…… I’m finding the situation very tiring on my heart and soul, but with patience and perseverance we’ll survive….stay safe …..xx


  4. Love the quadrille and sorry for the bigotry … another blogger told me he asked his Japanese wife to stop walking with him … it broke my heart! It’s plain wrong, this crisis should be uniting people not used to divide!

    take care precious xx

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  5. My favorite line is this:
    “Like a thief who didn’t

    Get away with


    I run like this, also.
    Nowhere near the distance or speed that you do, I’m sure, but I do find freedom in it, especially now. I’m thankful that I can, and I’m thankful my family is home safe, together. But I feel your “relieved, not refreshed” line deeply. These are strange times.

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    • Yes, running is definitely a much needed outlet in these times. I am not a fast runner by any means, but I do enjoy feeling the strength in my body. Thank you again for this quadrille prompt! I hope to join in again next time!


  6. *nodding grimly*

    If I could hug you right now, just know that I would. Every grievance you raised is deeply felt right here. Hold firm. Endure, and let’s all come out of this galvanized… you are not alone, and neither am I.

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  8. Sadly Irma, racism is everywhere. Here, people from the northeast part of the country have mongoloid features and they are being targeted because they like Chinese!!
    Take care, my dear and avoid stepping out.
    (The quadrille is beautiful)

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