Holding the Glimmer – A Sonnet

A glimmer of God I feel in your touch 

As your head turns to the sound of my voice

Your eyes see me as one who knows so much

Aware that I held the power of choice


The transformation came awhile ago

From the seed that was planted deep inside 

Yet my mind still accepted these changes slow

Despite my body being modified 


And then like a flash in the dark of night

A surprise, this gift you bestowed on me

The honor of knowing love at first sight

Your touch confirmed that I am your mommy


That point of love exponentially grown

I pray to deserve this baby on loan



This sonnet was inspired by Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #225 – Glimmer and Frank at dVerse who requested poems with couplets.

The biggest inspiration though was my friend, Lindsay, who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this past Wednesday.  Amidst the scariness of this pandemic, miracles of life still happen!  The above poem isn’t her birth story (Lindsay is a wonderful mom to a 2-year-old already) but maybe it’s yours or someone who you know.

I have to admit, with all the forced togetherness, I have forgotten at times that children will act like children and the mandate – whether from God or Gibran – is to be more like children.  So yesterday, we did no school work and played outside, enjoying the sun and observing the flowers that have blissfully blossomed, unaware of the threat of illness or death.

Children are truly a gift – they know what is important in life. It’s none of the things that adults think are important and that is such a wonderful blessing.


(c) 2020 iido

23 thoughts on “Holding the Glimmer – A Sonnet

  1. Babies are on loan as you know only too well! And if they live long enough they will move out into the world to have their own life and all this current chaos will be a distant memory!

    Enjoy the sun and flowers, they will empower and that boosts our immune system, stay safe Irma ❤

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  2. “That point of love exponentially grown

    I pray to deserve this baby on loan”

    I love this lines Irma. If we think of our babies that way then maybe just maybe parents will be more aware of how they should take care of their little ones. As sad as the current health scare children are also being neglected by even their own parents. I wonder how these adults can even take the idea of simply bringing a child in this world and not at least give them a life they deserve..

    Keep safe in there Irma and your little ones too..

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  3. what a sweet sonnet, timeless in fact, every generation has worried about new borns and you give them a voice, Irma this is your forte, opening the eyes and ears of your readers to the plight of the unnoticed and forgotten. I enjoyed your frolic with the kids and pray you all stay safe and healthy my sweet, sweet friend

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Gina! Being able to bring to light those forgotten stories is one of my goals as a writer. That is why I love your writings on nostalgic pasts that keep the memory alive. I hope you and yours are also staying safe and healthy. I know you put your health at risk with your work. Praying for protection for you, dear friend! ❤️

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  5. What a beautiful sonnet. I couldn’t agree more that babies are gifts on loan. RIght now my heart goes out to all who are pregnant and all with newborns at this challenging time. So scary.


  6. I so love the thought of kids being on a loan to us. Such a beautiful thought. This time together has strengthened our bond further. Stay safe and healthy, Irma and do give kids occasional breaks from school work. 😊❤️

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