This Road – A Poem

I want this road to be left untaken

No need to explore the path forsaken

Cover your mouth, don’t be in awe

Follow the rules and withdraw

A cough, a fever, not rats or fleas

Are hallmarks of this deadly disease

To stop it, we need to change our lives

If on this road, we must survive 

For if you chance to take the step

One breath outside can become regret


So…Social Distancing…I’m writing this from the prerequisite 6 feet away…

This poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #223 – Untaken and #224 – Awe. No virus is going to keep me from my streak!! Also, for GDG Tuesday writing prompt to “write a piece of prose around the question: How do we stay focused when the world around us is falling apart?”.  

So seriously, how is everyone doing? I’ve been caught off-guard with how fast everything is happening here in the USA, at least in my area.  I am not a fast mover (in running as well as in other aspects of my life). I am also one who needs the time to process change in order to fully accept the changes in my life – that’s why I’ve always gone to therapy during my big life changes (graduating college, getting married, the deaths and births of my children).  This isn’t a possibility right now so I have had to rely on my own “self-therapy” – which is OK, but nothing beats being able to talk to another person.

I think that’s been hardest part about social distancing – I am a social creature!! I gain energy from being with people and it keeps me from getting too caught up in my own head.  

True, I am blessed to have my family with me. My children have actually adapted to being “homeschooled” despite my lackluster skills at being an academic teacher.  We are on a schedule which includes doing chores and staying active. All good…on the surface…but I know the stress and fear of the uncertainty has been weighing on me and I worry how all of this is affecting my children.

So, I’m thinking “fake it ’til we make it” is going to be my new mantra! I’m going to catch up on my blog reading – I know you all have much better writings for me to read than the news! Art in all it’s forms may not be the antidote to this virus, but it will be the hot soup, the snuggly blanket and the social and emotional connection that will get us through this.


(c) 2020 iido

33 thoughts on “This Road – A Poem

  1. Yes Irma… our road has developed a few holes and hollows…. but my heart is comforted by the glorious warm-hearted spirit of this wonderful group of writers here on WordPress…
    …our solidarity of compassion and kindness…. is helping us all, to see this through… ((Hugs)) 💙💙🌏

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  2. always enjoy your posts Irma, you incorporate so much of yourself in them, thanks for that 🙂 And this poem is no exception, well composed!

    You’d be surprised how your kids will thrive from this quality time together and kids are relatively safe from the virus it’s the over 60s that are under real threat. And govt and health services seem to have no conscience about making others high priority.

    Much as I love people isolation is also great company ❤

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    • Thank you, Kate! Yes, we have actually have had quite a few moments of quality time. I agree that our government was very unprepared for this – more so because of the lack of leadership here in the US.

      I do feel so badly for the people who cannot practice social distancing and who put themselves at risk so others can be safe. Not just our police officers and other safety and medical personnel but the cashiers, factory workers, food service workers who have no choice but to work.

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  3. I love how your poems and posts speak so honestly about certain things and issues. We have been on a total lockdown here and the girls are on online classes.
    Well i really dont have much problem with being locked down as i have gotten used to being alone after i resigned from work years ago.

    The lockdown has also made me write and posts a

    Keep safe in there Irma..

    Ingat lagi.😊

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  4. Irma, your post-poem notes are such gems(not that your poems are any less!), drawing your readers closer. Oft times I find what you write about your family, reflects mine. ❤️
    We are all here for you, my dear.
    I too find having hubby and kids around is not giving me as much time as I thought I would get to read and write.
    Stay safe. 🤗

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  5. I enjoyed reading your poem, and I’m glad to be able to read your notes. I’m an introvert who hates his day-job, so my individual effect thus far is a net positive until I deplete my savings and the bill collector rings. However, as a creature of empathy, I feel for you and my wifey Erin, who is also an extrovert and climbing the walls a bit.

    Hang in there!

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    • Yes, my husband must be tired of me looking to him for my “social fix”! We have enjoyed the increased family time though and being able to slow life down. Some positives in all this craziness is definitely welcome!


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  7. Hi, Irma. We are lucky, us bloggers. It’s brilliant, the web we weave, and such connection can not be overemphasised in the isolation. My advice – and here in Tuscany we have had the quarantine for a while now – is to do all that you always wanted but said “I don’t have time”. Now you have it. Do it! Also – don’t wait for it to finish. Live for the moment. Be happy that you’re surrounded with your loved ones. And I’m sure you can find some online support from therapists. The community is stronger than ever, just that it has moved to the net and to balconies. All well to you!

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