Self – Deception — A Haiku

If I don’t swallow

The lie you put on my plate

My stomach grumbles

This haiku was written for Jamie Dedes’ Wednesday Writing Prompt to write about deception. You can read some of the fabulous responses here.

We all tell lies to ourselves whether we know it or not. My most frequent lie to myself is thinking that I have enough time to do something, when really I don’t. Hence, the reason I am perpetually tardy. I don’t know why I haven’t learned that lesson: I consider myself an insightful person, I know I underestimate time and have always struggled with time management. Yet, something inside makes it hard for me to believe that it really doesn’t take only 15 minutes to get anywhere.

Some lies are OK to believe, in my opinion, like the lie of Santa Claus or the lie that I still look good in the pants I wore when I was 20 (I can still get them past my hips if I suck everything in!). These lies serve a purpose for that point in life. But after awhile, we do have to start seeing reality and accepting the truth. Or come up with a different and better lie than before.

©️ 2020 iido

10 thoughts on “Self – Deception — A Haiku

  1. an honest look and then dissection of accepted and approved of lies. helps to digest with a little of your good humour and common sense flavouring the words. the last line of your haiku has me wondering why your stomach grumbles though?

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    • I think sometimes it is easier to live in the lie than to live in the truth. Because once your eyes are open, it does become a choice whether to accept the deception or not. Like any diet, it takes some getting used to in order to recognize that sometimes the “hunger” can mean something else. 😉

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      • i needed to read this from someone else and not just my own understanding. a new diet is a new understanding of what we can digest or just need to avoid like an allergy causing substance. thank you for your wise teaching Irma.


  2. love your haiku and your common sense approach to lies … some of our biggest lies can be around those we love eg “they wouldn’t do that” “they wouldn’t be like that” … when they are! These don’t help them or us …

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