Dearly Departed – A Reverse Nonet

I hold my friend’s quivering shoulders

Her arms hug this poor surrogate

For a vibrant, cherished soul

Who departed too soon

Our sobbing subsides

No words for Death’s




This reverse nonet was written for Patrick’s Pic and Word Challenge #208 – Departure and Punam’s Saturday Ragtag Daily Prompt – Hug.

My friend lost her two year old daughter to a rare form for liver cancer two weeks ago. Her daughter would have turned three on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, this year. This poem is for her.

©️ iido 2019

20 thoughts on “Dearly Departed – A Reverse Nonet

  1. Oh dear Irma, sadly, I can relate to your emotional poem…. beautifully done…..

    A Friend

    do you have a friend
    who’s bound in a cocoon
    living on eggshells
    broken by sickly X-ray beams
    their life’s a virtual hell
    and for whom you want to scream
    unconditionally you’ve given your love
    now they’re tired
    waiting for help
    from above

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