Patient Anticipation – A Poem

I’m waiting for you

To put on your clothes

You can’t decide between

Dogs on your shirt or stripes

The clock ticks

I’m waiting for you

To brush your teeth

So I can have my turn

You spit not in the sink

The clock ticks

I’m waiting for you

To eat your breakfast

While I’m packing a lunch

I know you won’t eat either

The clock ticks

I am waiting for you

To tie you shoe

The bunny ears are too big

But you say you can do it

The clock ticks – we’re late for school

I’m waiting for you

To come out of school

The clock ticks – the patient anticipation

Feels like the nine months

I waited

To show you the depth of my love

This poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #206 – Depth and #207 – Waiting. I am finally caught up!

I have had a lot of time to contemplate waiting – having kids gives me plenty of opportunity. I usually do try to be patient, to show them that they are “worth waiting for”.

But sometimes I am stressed because we are late or because I have to do something else that seems more urgent – and in those times, I am not patient. Sometimes I am even angry and spewing all sorts of non sensical threats and pronouncements.

And after I’ve calmed down (and we’ve arrived where we need to be or done what we need to get done), I usually end up apologizing and explaining why I was so upset. I also talk about what I could have done better and what they could have done better and encourage them to give me and their siblings feedback as well.

It’s an imperfect process and one that is often repeated in our house. Getting all of us out of the house and somewhere on time is feat we always acknowledge!

Still, if getting there on time didn’t really matter, I do try to wait for them – to practice their self-care skills (brushing, buttoning, tying, etc.), to finish the story they are telling me, to finish looking at the caterpillar crossing the sidewalk, to finish enjoying their childhood.

©️ iido 2019

17 thoughts on “Patient Anticipation – A Poem

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  2. When the kids are all grown up we will surely miss the days when we have to rush them in finishing their breakfast so we wont be late for school….i know…i am feeling it gilrs are now in boarding school and my oh my i miss the days when i have to make their beds, prepare their food and drive them to school…gone are those days ….i only have weekends and holdiays with them..


  3. Truly lovely my dear Irma! 😊 I feel this same lack of patience with my students as they settle in and have one thing after another to tell me or ask,though there’s also the desire to listen and to try to be patient…Oh it’s definitely a challenging feat at times when feel the pressure of time ticking.😉❤️

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  4. reading this I think, if only I had written my feelings and thoughts I would have processed them better. you echo the frustrations as well as hopes of parents everywhere at whatever time in their child’s life. We are always waiting on them, for them, with them but the end of the day love is what matters most. We are guided by our instincts to nurture. Love the simplicity of your words that appreciates the beauty of growing up with baby!

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