A Crack in the Track – My October Runfession

I missed the October Runfession so I’m doing it now before it’s time for November’s. I’ve written this Runfession in poem form:

The Crack in the Track
(The non-Thomas the Train version)

I had it all planned
In my one track mind
The route with the hills
The sun beaming on determined faces
Shiny with chocolate infused sweat

Instead, the dark clouds cried
Spurring some to run faster
To get out of the wet
While others wept along with
Exertion and exhaustion

A crack in my plan!
My plan is off track!
Is that a thunder crack I hear?
I’m off my intervals and
Walking up hills and down

I still crossed the finish line
I still got the bling
But my body hurts
And my soul
My soul
Is still walking
This crack it still stings.

This poem is part of my catching up with Patrick’s Pic and Word Challenge #204 – Walking and #205 – Crack. I was on a streak (and I confess, this is probably not one of my best poems) – I’m hoping this make up counts!

This poem also runfesses the agony of my run at the 10th Annual Hershey Half Marathon which took place on October 20, 2019. I was not consistent with my training for this race and it showed. The weather was also miserable – cloudy and cold and then the clouds opened up! Most of the race was in the rain – I don’t think I’ve actually ran a half marathon in the pouring rain before. By the time I reached the half way mark, I was seriously considering exiting with the relay runners and calling it quits!

But I didn’t and I made it to the finish line a little shy of three hours. This was probably one of my slowest half marathon times but considering the weather and my inconsistent training, it was an accomplishment! Kudos to my BRF, Michele, who didn’t let the rain stop her and powered through for a PR at this race!

The other weird, awful thing that happened was my arm that was holding my water bottle and phone (in one of those hand held holder things) stiffened up and I could not move it after the race. I actually sat in the car and called my husband, worried about driving home because I could not move that arm without pain. It took a hot bath, Motrin and several days of rest before I got feeling and mobility back. It is still feeling weak and I am planning on seeing a doctor about in the near future.

Looking at the past few months, I am seeing a consistent pattern of inconsistency!! When I don’t schedule time to run or write, these activities easily get pushed to the side with other pressing priorities. Balancing my personal needs with those of my family has always been a struggle but I am hoping to do better! I’m back on track!

©️ iido 2019

22 thoughts on “A Crack in the Track – My October Runfession

  1. Irma, love your poem and love your runfession. Bravo for gutting our what sounds like a brutal run. Consistently inconsistent is what I call an honest plan. I don’t know if you read my recent runfession, but I’ve had to become consistently non-running. Enjoy every step you take and don’t beat yourself up about anything, just cheer every finish line you cross! So glad you are there.

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    • Hello Jane! Just visited your site and caught up. I haven’t cared about my finish times in years since dealing with injury and illness – I am just glad to finish! But this race had me feeling awful and lacking the usual endorphins that come with a racing accomplishment. Lol – I’m signing up for another race though! 😂🙄😳

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      • It’s hard to enjoy horrible weather and hills all in the same run! Add it to your “I can’t believe I actually did that, boy am I special” list! 😏 Hopefully your next race is in a beautiful FLAT place on a beautiful not-too-warm day. You sure caught up with my site. I feel honored to have that much attention! Now I have to get caught up on responding to your nice comments. 😊

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  2. ouch good on you for persisting in that foul weather without sufficient training. Pray your arm is ok, please be sure to get it medically checked?
    Balancing life and personal must be near impossible for mothers and your kids won’t be dependent forever … take care precious ❤

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  3. I could imagine you running in the rain…wow…and wow again for not quitting and making it to the finish line…bravo..yay…way to go…
    Personal needs and family concerns are always, always a delima for moms like us and its amazing how at the end of the day we manage to survive..lol

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  4. I truly feel this movement of consistently inconsistent with you Irma, balance is a tricky word, but I’m happy if I’m swinging somewhere close to the middle, rather than to far off in any one direction. It’s okay to know I’m not always going to make the mark as long as I still make it a point to do my best and show up the best version of me, rather than ragged and weary and stretched too thin.🤗❤️ much hugs and be gentle with yourself 😊

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